Yeah, I’m upgrading

I’ve looked around and have decided that I like WordPress more, that I can do more with it…which means I have to learn how to. =) But that’s good. I need to. I’ve been too computer illiterate and it’s high time that I did something about it. So if anyone has any advice, I’m completely open to it and welcoming it. Any html tips, hints, and tricks are welcome, too. I really need to learn some of that. Like, in a BIG way.


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  1. I realize that my site isn’t done yet, but if you look at my blog it is pretty highly customized. It is WordPress at heart, but I’ve removed all of the badging. I’ve got multiple add-ons as well. Here are a few that I’m running that you should look into:

    1) Auto-Backup (not a big deal for you unless you switch to a hosted domain and solution)
    2) Anti-Spam (Akismet) – Essentially checks comments against a database and does a good job of killing spam comments.
    3) Auto Upgrade (Also shouldn’t matter since you are on their website)
    4) Google XML SiteMaps – Helps google read and see my blog and have the best chance of indexing it correctly.
    5) WordPress google calendar – Links my google calendar items and outputs them in the style of the blog
    6) Fancy javascript rotating tag cloud (check it out) – It’s called WP-Cumulus
    7) WP Theme called “Blacker” but it has since been highly customized by yours truly so that it is only a shell of what it was.

    Feel free to ask questions if you have any about moving it to your own place. You said you had someone who would handle that for you, which is nice but if you have additional questions I can help answering them. I’m not very sure how much is different when you leave your blog hosted on here.

    One final thing. We were talking about css vs. html the other day. If you goto you will understand how awesome css can be. The site is simply one html file (the actual file with the information / text in it) and then many many many different css files written by talented designers. If you click on the different styles on the right banner, you will notice that they don’t change the content at all, only the style. That is the idea behind style sheets. You make one html file (or multiple) for your sites and then a separate style sheet. You can use one style sheet to style an entire web-page. Then if you want to re-design your site…you just build another css sheet and it can look completely different.

    CSS coding is very simplistic compared to other computer languages. I learned primarily from surfing the web and a program called “Stylizer” you can find from Google. They have a free trial for their ultimate version which lets you play around and tinker with other people’s style sheets. Hope this is a good start.

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