The obsession starts soon

And most of you know exactly what I’m talking about. In January, American Idol is back. Woo hoo! I’m soo excited. lol I’ve heard they’re changing a lot around this year, including adding another judge, so I’m anxious to see how that goes. I’ve always wanted to try out, and Myles has talked about me trying out and supported it, but I think I missed my one opportunity, seeing as they were in Louisville, KY this time for auditions. And stupid me, I wasn’t even paying attention to where they were at and when. If they do a Season 9, I think I’ll pay more attention. Even given the massive popularity of AI, I can’t imagine that it will go on much longer. I hope it does, but this is Season 8, and most shows don’t last longer than that. But, who knows. The phenomenon that is AI just might go on for years to come. lol I can only hope, though.

I did hear that this year they’re cutting down on the amount of auditions they are showing, which kind of bums me out. One of my favorite things is watching the auditions and seeing all the whack jobs that try out. Some of them I feel genuinely sorry  for, but most of them deserve to be laughed at and probably know they’re going to be laughed at. Some people will do anything for fifteen seconds of fame. Sad, but true.


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