Holiday Editing…

Is very difficult to do. There is soooo much to distract you from the task at hand. I just find that I can’t focus. I’m trying to right now, but I keep think about what I need to get and what I need to do today and before the holidays. =P I want to edit, I just…can’t. I spent all day today at my best friend’s house at her annual cookie party, drinking wine, eating, and decorating cut out cookies. I had a lot of fun…for the most part, and I know she’s reading this and she knows the smelly reason of the non-fun. LOL Now that I’ve gone to Hobby Lobby tonight and Myles has ordered the pictures, I’ll be able to start on my project….that I have to have done by Christmas Eve. Gar. It’ll be a push to get it done, since the pictures probably won’t be here until Wednesday or Thursday, but I’ll have have to spend every evening and what I can of next weekend on it, since we have a lot of holiday stuff going from here on out. Work Christmas party on Friday, a breakfast that our neighbors are having on Sautrday with a few of our neighbors. He’s a chef and there will be mimosas and Irish coffee, and great friends, so that’ll be a great time. And Saturday night we might go to a friend’s White Trash Christmas party. LOL You have to dress like white trash and bring something white trashy for the white elephany gift exchange. =) Should be great fun if we decide to go. We tend to play stuff like that by ear. I’ll try to post, but you all know how things can be during the holidays…especially the little thing called distraction. =) Hope all is well with everyone else and that your holidays are going as smoothly as they possibly can. =)


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