Christmas was wonderful this year. Hopefully it was for everyone else, too. I had been disappointed that my uncle was having Christmas for the whole family at one on Christmas Eve, since Myles and I both had to work. But…we ended up getting out of work early…at about 12:30 and made it to South Bend by 3:00, after meeting and home and loading all of the Christmas goodies up. =) On the way there, my dad was texting me, asking me when we were going to be in town and such, so I lied and told them we weren’t leaving Lafayette until about 5:00. LOL When I texted that, we were about twenty minutes away from my uncle’s. So needless to say, we gave everyone a hell of a surprise when we walked in. =) They were all really happy to see us and it was great to spend some time with our whole family.

We woke up on Christmas morning and did presents and then later on the grandparents and my brother’s girlfriend and her daughter came over. It was a bit sad for a bit, since we couldn’t be with Doug, but he was able to call and talk to each of us, which was great, especially since there are so many soldiers trying to call home.

All in all, we had a great day. =) Lots of food and drink and sweets and good times with family. Couldn’t ask for any more than that. And I got good presents, too, but that’s not what the day is about for me. =)

All was great until leaving to go back home on Friday. I woke up with the flu. I’m finally starting to feel better now, but man oh man it was bad. Yeah, I even had to have Myles pull over a couple of times on the way home. Yeah, it was bad. Blech.


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