A new year and new goals

So, it’s January 4, and it’s time to start on my plans for the new year. No, I don’t make resolutions–everyone breaks those inside of a week or two. Instead, I make plans and goals. Last year I did pretty good on some of them, and this year, I’ll make the same ones, adjust them, or add new ones. Last year, I lost ten pounds, so this year I’m just going to continue on with that one. =) I didn’t do so hot with swearing less, so I’m gonna keep working on that one. lol For those of you who really know me, you know this doesn’t come easily AT ALL.

The other one is to not be so lazy around the house. Before I started editing, I was really anal about stuff around here, and I’ve got to get back to that. I hate it when the house looks like crap and I haven’t kept up on stuff. So, that’s one for this year. And that leads into the goal of getting way ahead in editing so I’m not spending so much time on it. =P

And another one I’m going to work on is to be a better, nicer person. No explanation needed there. LOL I’m going to try and stop being so much of a sarcastic bitch. Hahaha. And I’m going to try and do little things for people I love to show them I appreciate them, because that’s really so important to do, to let those that mean the world to you know that they mean the world to you.

And the final one is to spend less money. I really need to work on being cheaper. =P All the way around. Which means I’m gonna have to quit smoking. For real this time, and not let Myles get us started again, because he has a tendency to get us back started when he gets stressed about stuff. He needs to find a new stress relief. LOL

Anyone else have any goals for this year?


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  1. I tried ‘goals’ instead of ‘resolutions’ last year, and I achieved…um, only one of them. It was to get another cat, since mine was lonely, and I actually ended up getting two, so does that mean I achieved doubly? Let’s count it that way!

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