Being an editor

Yes, you all know I’m an editor. If you don’t, then you probably are in the wrong place, reading the wrong person’s blog (even though this blog is mostly personal). But one thing that I run into with people I know who are interested in writing, is them asking my opinion or to read something. This can be a lot more difficult than one would think. When my “editor cap” is on, it’s on. There’s no half-way for me. (I actually have a close friend who threatened to send me a hat to wear when I’m being an “editor”).

It can be very difficult when someone I personally know asks me to do this. Like I said, there is no half-way for me, so when I give my opinion on someone’s writing, I’ll be honest. And no, I’m not such a bitch that I would say they shouldn’t give up a day job and that they should never again even look at a blank piece of paper–or Word document. But if I think there are things they need to improve upon, it’s my moral obligation to let them know. Okay, that might be taking it a little exreme, but I’m sure you all get what I mean. The first thing I tell anyone to do is to look at the links on my blog. I have a lot of helpful links there to help writers from newbies to experienced publishers. Hell, I even go through them periodically because I feel it helps me with my editing skills.

But you never want to give any “bad news”, so to speak, to anyone you personally know. Luckily, the friends that I have that have asked me, know me, and they know I can be brutally honest, which is a good thing when dealing with me sometimes. LOL And luckily, they’re not horrid writiers, so that makes it soooo much easier on me.

And now that I’m at the end of this and I stepped away from the post for a couple of hours, I realize this is poorly written and pointless, but what the hey, I’m clicking Publish anyway, since I have nothing better to say today.


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