Valentine’s Day Contest!

I promised you more deets, and now I have them. My authors and I are getting together to bring you a Valentine’s Day contest. Each of the participating authors will be posting an excerpt from one of their Samhain stories and you guys will be writing the next paragraph. We will be picking a winner each day for a prize. At the end of the contest, we will be choosing one overall winner for a grand prize.

As far as the paragraph you write, it can be whatever you like. Where would you like to see the characters go?  Who/what do you see the characters as? And no, no one has to be a writer to do this. It’s for fun, anyone and everyone can do it. 

Stayed tuned for more information, such as authors, prizes and the books they will be posting from!



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2 responses to “Valentine’s Day Contest!

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  2. This is sooo awesome! Can’t wait to hear about the results! It’s an inspiration to write!

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