Colters’ Woman by Maya Banks

I just finished reading Colters’ Woman by Maya Banks. And yes, that there apostrophe indicates that the heroine belongs to more than one man.

I enjoyed the story, but I did indeed have to suspend “reality” or “belief” or whatever you want to call it to do so. I mean, it was hot, no doubt, but I think it would have been hotter if the three men weren’t brothers. I mean…there were a couple of scenes of double penetration when all I could think about was “his balls are touching his brother’s balls right now”.

I don’t know what others’ thoughts on menages and more are, but for me, they don’t work unless the men are bi or the woman are bi and they’re all interacting. The three related men going to town on one woman and being in that close of a proximity to one another is just really far-fetched to me. But, I was able to get past it and enjoy the story. So much that I read it in one sitting in one morning.=)

There were a couple of nits I had, such as them manhandling her all the time and carrying her everywhere when she’s perfectly capable of walking, and how quickly she accepted everything. But all of that isn’t really a big deal. Books are supposed to be an escape from reality, and I know I’ve contracted some that to me are natural but other feel like they’re far fetched. It’s like that with everything, though. =)

Overall, this was a good book and I’d recommend it. =)


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