Valentine Contest Day 4

edenspass72small1Today, our lucky winner will receive a copy of Eden’s Pass.

Eden’s Pass by Kimberly Nee

Love can blow even a true pirate off course.



Finn Eden will do anything to escape a life of slavery on a Barbados sugar plantation. Even risk her life disguised as a cabin boy aboard a pirate ship, putting up with the drunken captain’s slovenly habits. Then her patience nets her an unexpected opportunity: A ship of her own. Half the profits. And freedom. Too bad the captain conveniently left out a small detail; there’s a price on his head.

Captain Inigo Sebastiano is a ruthless pirate with a years-long score to settle with the man who raped and murdered his wife. The truce he’s struck with the fiery Finn is uneasy in more ways than one, but his unsettling reaction to his new cabin “boy” is explained when he uncovers her true identity. Ever the gentleman pirate, he’ll help his lovely new bedmate keep her secret. For now. When the time is right, it’s a secret he’ll use to his advantage.

But the spitfire in his bed rekindles something in his heart he thought had died. As Inigo closes in on his quarry, he begins to wonder if Finn’s freedom—and her trust—is a sacrifice he’s willing to make.

Warning: this book may lead to fantasies containing gorgeous pirates with sexy accents.




No protests, Finn. You will do as you are told and that’s final.” He set her down on the bed, tugging the counterpane to her shoulders. “Complete obedience, remember?”

She scowled at him. “Captain—”

He leaned over her, a hand on either side of her, his nose only inches from hers. “Protest again, my lady, and I will silence you but good.”


He grinned, surprising her by capturing her lips in a gentle, lingering kiss. It was a soft kiss. Soft, yet surprisingly sensual. His mustache tickled at first, and she couldn’t hold back her low giggle. His lips curled into a smile against hers, his chuckle a warm puff against her cheek. “Do I amuse you?” he muttered, his lips still against hers.

You tickle me,” she managed to whisper.

He didn’t answer, but continued caressing her lips with his. She quickly adapted to the feathery tickle against her upper lip, forgetting about it entirely as his kiss filled her with an unfamiliar heat. His lips lingered on hers, warm and dry, and surprisingly tender. It wasn’t her first kiss, but it was her first truly sensuous kiss, and she couldn’t help her airy mewl of protest when he pulled away to murmur, “Tempting me on purpose, are you?”

Without giving her opportunity to reply, he kissed her again. Another gentle tickle against her upper lip, but it vanished as his kiss deepened. Butterflies spread their wings deep within her belly, and fluttered them wildly to spread a delightful heat through her veins. His lips were gentle, more than she would have ever guessed, and she wanted only for the delicious feeling to last. Those butterflies quieted some, but roared back to life as her lips parted against the insistent thrust of his tongue against them.

For the first time in her life, she felt like a woman, like she was as delicate as the tiny English girl in Farruco’s cabin, and nearly as desirable. Iñigo teased and tasted her, coming down to press his weight into her. His hands slid down over the rise of her bandages. He caught the topmost layer and she gasped at the sting of the linen scraping raw flesh.

Finn?” he murmured as she broke the kiss. His eyes held hers even as she pulled away and the tenderness within them was nothing she’d ever seen before. No man ever held her the way Iñigo did and there was no way possible for her to look away. “Your wounds?”

It took a moment for her head to clear enough to understand he was afraid he’d jostled her wounded arm. However, he’d done nothing to hurt her, and she shook her head, whispering, “No.”

He kissed her again, with as much fire as he had moments earlier. She wanted only to pull him closer, to forget Barbados, to forget about the Smiling Jack, to forget about Honoria—to forget about everything but the most wonderful things the undeniably handsome man above her made her feel. It made no sense for her to feel these things, but feel them she did and they were as delightful as they were foreign.

Iñigo broke away, lifting his head and catching the silk cord lacing her shirt between his fingers. He paused, as if waiting for her to protest. The urge to laugh rose in her throat. She was hardly about to protest at all. No, she was tired of pretending to be a boy. Now, she wanted only to be a woman, wanted to experience more of Iñigo Sebastiano. After all, he wasn’t a monster, was he? He treated her well—far better than any other master she’d served. Where was the harm?

When she smiled, he mirrored it, tugging on the cord. Finn held her breath, surprisingly impatient for him to part her shirt, to reach the blasted bandages and tear them from her, and ease the sting of her skin, the fire in her belly.

Instead, he bent forward, his lips skimming her collarbone. The fire grew and she couldn’t hold back her heavy, “Mmm…” as she reached for him. Her fingers slid into his hair, delighting at the silkiness of the ebony strands, cool to the touch. His husky, heavy sigh encouraged her and she repeated the motion.

Finn…” His voice was throaty, his lips creeping down toward her topmost bandage.


Iñigo growled an oath beneath his breath as Diego’s voice echoed throughout the steamy silence and he rapped on the door. “Aye, Diego?”

We are ready. Mateo has finished his cat.”

Finn squeezed her eyes shut as boiling hot disappointment poured into her. Iñigo swore roughly and called, “Very well. I will be topside in a moment.”

Aye, Captain.”

Diego’s footsteps died away and Iñigo pulled away from her, much to her dismay. Pulling the front of her tunic closed, she said, “Captain?”

Come, Finn,” he growled, standing upright and moving to his wardrobe. Pulling open the door, he reached inside, emerging moments later with an elegant black hat adorned with a long, maroon feather. Clapping it atop his head, he moved back to the door, saying, “Re-lace and shake a leg. The time has come and I expect you up there.”


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4 responses to “Valentine Contest Day 4

  1. Natasha A.

    Mmm pirates. Thanks for sharing the excerpt! I will be adding this one to my list.

  2. Beth R

    Pirates, Yum sounds like an awesome read

  3. Brooks

    Thanks for the excerpt. I agree…pirates. sigh.

  4. kimberly nee

    Thanks everyone! I’m sorry I’m a day late – my brother in law and his SO had their first baby yesterday and I’ve been back and forth between my home and Long Island. I’m glad everyone enjoyed the excerpt!

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