I know it’s the contest, but…

I just have to share. I have to. =) I know it’s promo time, but this is also a personal blog, so I’m gonna get “personal”. =)

I got a new tattoo yesterday! Keep in mind, I’ve been on my feet all day today doing housework, so my ankles are a little swollen, and well, I’m about to give my toesies some nail polish lovin….lol. Oh, and it’s my phone, so sorry for the not so great quality.

Man, I’m having all sorts of problems. Regardless, here’s a pic. =)




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2 responses to “I know it’s the contest, but…

  1. Natasha A.

    Cool! Is this your first? I have one and I can’t wait to get more!!
    Is there special meaning for this one?

  2. Natasha A.

    Cool! That sucks though, that it’s your last! 😦 Aren’t they addictive? I just need to get some money together so I can get my next one(s).

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