Valentine Contest Day 7

Avery will be giving away a red candle and set of 4 shower gels from Bath and Body Works.

Sexy by Design by Avery Beck

Special Note: This book has not been released yet, therefore there is no approved cover or blurb and this is an unediting excerpt. Sesxy by Design is scheduled for release on May 26, 2009.



 Bree couldn’t take the honest approach, not yet. They were barely treading friendly waters, and she couldn’t lose the upper hand until she’d convinced Evan that his original impression of her had been way off-base.

   “I can see I’ll have to prove you wrong.” Her fingers wrapped around the handle of her bottom drawer and pulled it out so hard the entire desk rattled. Inside lay a hefty collection of vibrators in different colors, textures, and sizes.

   Evan looked down at the array of fake penises and threw his head back in amusement. Chuckling, he managed to say, “I’m afraid work-related devices don’t count.”

   “You didn’t say that. You said I’d never seen one.”

   “I amend my earlier statement. So you’ve seen one. But you’ve never used one.”

   He drew that word out like a long, slow lick on an ice cream cone. Bree-flavored ice cream. From behind those sultry eyelashes he watched her, daring her to be turned on by his proposition.

   She wasn’t merely turned on. She was a hungry lioness circling her cage, waiting for the door to open so she could burst out and devour a succulent piece of meat.


   She glanced at her office door to make sure it was closed. Time to put her seduction plan into action.

   Swallowing hard, she reached into the drawer and retrieved a sizable blue cylinder. Her hand shook with nerves, so she squeezed her fingers around the thing more tightly. If she were going to refute his assumptions, she couldn’t be afraid of a vibrator. She needed to act like she’d used one every day of her adult life. Like having a man watch her touch herself with one came as naturally as breathing.

   A smile played on her lips. Letting a man watch and using a sex toy? She could knock two things off the list with this one simple act.

   Simple. Right.

   Her smile fading, she blew out a shaky breath and brushed the tip over her exposed shoulder, seeing Evan’s mouth open just enough to let her know she had his interest. With excruciating slowness, she dragged the toy down her arm, making a U-turn at her wrist before bringing it back up and across her collarbone. She shivered at the cool, tingly trail it left on her skin and closed her eyes, wondering how she’d follow through with this show when she’d never even done it privately.

   Before she got that far, Evan rolled his chair closer. Her eyes snapped open. His penetrating gaze fixed on her, he removed the device from her skin and held it tantalizingly in front of her face.

   “What are you doing?” she objected.

   He didn’t answer, just turned it on with a single flick of his thumb. The purr of the tiny motor made her jump.

   The way he stared at her made her feel naked even though she remained fully clothed. The room was silent aside from the buzz of the fluorescent lights and the beat of her racing heart. She should have bashed his hand, should have bolted from the chair.

   But she didn’t.

   “Don’t touch me with that,” she rasped. “Don’t you dare.”

   Yet still she couldn’t move. What was wrong with her? Evan’s attempt to take control of the situation wasn’t surprising, given his sky-high confidence level. But enjoying his power trip was not part of the plan.

   “So.” His breath caressed her neck as he dipped the pulsating tip into the top of her dress, grazing the cleft between her breasts. “Would you like a demonstration of what this thing is really used for?”

   He looked down, and she knew he’d spotted her rigid nipples poking through the fabric of her outfit. Lovely. As cavalier as he was to begin with, she didn’t want him to discover that for some ridiculous reason, she was attracted to him. Much as she hated to admit that, it was entirely, irrevocably true.

   Her mind begged her to move away from him. Your terms, remember? But her body refused to listen. One more moment of his dizzying nearness, one more second of his warm breath grazing her skin the way it had when he’d been inside her, and she would lose this battle. She’d be taking lessons from him instead of showing him what she could do.

   So why did it feel so good?

   An inkling of smugness in his smile, he moved the device down to her knee and began sliding it up the inside of her thigh. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

   No, no, no!


   “Happy birthday!” The door flew open and the entire staff burst in, cake in tow. Snapping to attention, Bree watched in horror as the vibrator dropped from Evan’s fingers and rolled underneath her desk. For once, he looked stunned as well. Thank God it was one of the quietest designs.

   Her computer monitor hid their frolicking from view just long enough for them to compose themselves. Evan ran a hand through his dark hair, doing his best to appear casual. “Wow, you guys didn’t have to do this.”

   Paula stepped up and hugged him. “Well, it’s Friday afternoon and we could all use a break. Didn’t want to ignore your big three-one.” She turned to Bree. “Sorry I didn’t warn you. You two have been locked in here all day working on the site, and I didn’t want to interrupt and make anything look suspicious.”

   Bree smiled weakly. “No problem.” If Paula only knew that she should have been the suspicious one.

   They moved the party to the conference room, and Bree excused herself. The throbbing between her legs made it difficult to play social butterfly. She practically ran to the restroom. When she got there, she washed her hands under cold water and dabbed at her moist forehead with a paper towel.

   What the hell was that? She glowered into the mirror. The idea was to prove she could be an assertive, sensual woman, not a submissive girl who’d let him do whatever he felt like doing to her. He already believed that, and she had just wiped away any progress they might have made on the path to understanding each other beyond their one-night stand.

   Now she’d have to start over. You hate him, she insisted to her reflection. You hate him.




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26 responses to “Valentine Contest Day 7

  1. Diane

    Wow! Hot scene, and very funny disaster! I actually put both hands to my mouth and gasped when their coworkers burst into the room. =)


  2. Oh, Avery. I’m looking foward to reading this book. Definitely grabbed my interest–I wanted more–and title is perfect.


  3. Brooks

    This does sound like a sexy read. Very clever.

  4. Val Pearson

    I love the excerpt. Very funny! I can’t wait to read it and I love love love Bath and Body Works.

  5. Crystal B.

    Great excerpt. Sounds like a good book. 🙂

  6. Rachel Grant

    Great excerpt, Avery!! Fun, sexy, and full of conflict. I can’t wait until your book is released!!!

  7. Natasha A.

    HA! Nice! I like the excerpt!

  8. Cathy M

    “She wasn’t merely turned on. She was a hungry lioness circling her cage, waiting for the door to open so she could burst out and devour a succulent piece of meat.”

    What a great excerpt, especially loved that line.

  9. Tami C

    Love the excerpt, more more more!

  10. Greta

    Nice excerpt! I was on the edge of my seat when the coworkers burst in!

  11. Lynn Raye Harris

    LOL, funny and sexy all at once! Great work, Avery. 🙂

  12. Hi everybody! I’m so glad you are enjoying it. I hope you’ll keep me in mind for a fun summer read in a few months, lol. 🙂

  13. Loved it, Avery! It’s like two of my favorite shows, “The Office” and “Sex & the City,” wrapped into one. Can’t wait to read the rest. 🙂

  14. Judy Cox

    This was a great excerpt. I really enjoyed it. Will have to put on my tbr pile!! I love the humor in it.

  15. Cindy

    Excellent piece, Avery! WOW. Can’t wait to snuggle up and enjoy reading the rest of your masterpiece soon!

  16. Loved it, Avery. Can’t wait to read the whole thing.

    Of course, you know I’m partial to vibrators…

  17. That was great Avery! Can’t wait to read the entire book! 🙂

  18. Karin

    Great excerpt! Very hot! I’m looking forward to reading the whole book.

  19. Beth R

    Great excerpt

  20. Kammie

    Wow…very hot and sensual! I can’t imagine anything like that happening in my office.

  21. Amy S.

    Excerpt was great!

  22. Fabulous excerpt, Avery! Super hot and very funny. AND most of all, writing a woman can relate to completely! This book is going to be a real phenomena!

  23. Lynda

    Nice excerpt. What a close call and a great way to add in some tension!

  24. I know I’m a bit late here, but Hi Avery!

    I love this exerpt. Can’t wait to read the whole thing and to see your hot new cover.


  25. Aw, thanks so much, all of you!

  26. Kim St Louis

    OMG! OMG! OMG! I can’t wait to read the rest!

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