Valentine Contest Day 9

Today Lissa will be giving away a copy of one of her books!

Pink Buttercream Frosting by Lissa Matthews

Special Note: Pink Buttercream Frosting is unreleased and this is an unedited excerpt. The book will be available through Samhain Publishing in October 2009 for purchase.



 Butterflies fluttered to life in her belly with the delicious smile he gave her. She wondered if she could orgasm just from looking at him. She was fairly certain that she could and probably more than once if he were naked.

      She’d admired him from afar for months, the way he moved, the way he commanded attention by simply being in the room without ever saying a word. Dominant men always had that effect on her and she literally would melt inside from the need in the very center of her soul. But this man caused her heart to flip at the sight of him, and that was just damned dangerous.

      And, when he smiled, Bailey felt it pressing right up against her clit. This man, Aidn, was pure sex all the way. Hard. Rough. Tie me up tie me down fucking type sex. Outside. In the car. On the hood of the car. Anywhere. He fairly dripped with it.

      She would like to go so far as to think her reaction to him was just because she’d been without sex for…well, hell for as long as she could remember and she really didn’t want to count that high, but she knew it wasn’t just because she was horny. It wasn’t because she was overworked and definitely underpaid at this stage of the self-employment game. Oh no, it was all because of him. There was something about him that tugged at something way down deep inside her.

      But did she dare believe it?

      She had to stifle a laugh. Right, girl. You keep dreaming like that. Though when he kept touching her softly but insistently like he was…well, she would reserve the dreams for later. He would be a delightful memory. The kind of memory she had too few of.

      She wasn’t going to dwell on anything though because if nothing else, she was going to get laid within the next hour or so and while she knew she wasn’t one of those that could have a onetime romp in the sheets and it not hurt her heart afterwards, she would drink in every moment, every sensation with thrilling hunger.

      He had all the right words. He had all the right everything and she was staring to ache. “Mine, then.” She didn’t want to have to drive home afterwards. She didn’t want to have that feeling of being dismissed. She didn’t want to know where he lived. The temptation would be too much to try to see him again once they were done.

      Her place was definitely the safest bet.

      “Good. I’ll follow you. I’ll bring my car around and meet you back here.”

      She nodded. The crooked smile and the heat in his eyes left her speechless. He actually, truly wanted her. She was in awe of that small but really huge fact.

      He made an inarticulate sound before his lips touched hers again, this time leaving a trail of flames along her jaw and down her neck. He buried his face against her skin, where her neck met her shoulder.  “You smell so damned good, Bailey girl.”

      Just imagine if I had used the lotion, she thought. And then he let her go, leaving her dazed and unsteady on her feet. She blinked up at him unable to form a thought.

      “You’re going to be so delightful,” he whispered, sliding his hands through her hair. He fisted his fingers in the strands and tugged and simply stared down at her.

      “W…” She couldn’t speak; the intensity in his gaze was so sharp.

      “I’ll be right back with my car. Which one is yours?”

      “The green bug.”

      “I had a feeling you’d drive something like that. All girl.” His hands slipped from her hair down her shoulders and arms, cupping down around her hips. And she wondered at the spectacle they must be making out in the parking lot. “All woman.”

      Bailey swallowed and just nodded. The man had a very strange effect on her, one that no other man had ever had. She hadn’t melted on the outside, but her insides had. How long had she waited for a man to talk to her, talk about her like he couldn’t wait to have her?

      No, she didn’t want to think about how long it had been. She shivered and watched as he stepped back from her, his hands dropping. He fished his keys from his pocket and winked at her. “Go get your car.




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12 responses to “Valentine Contest Day 9

  1. Beth R

    I would love to read more sounds great

  2. Natasha A.

    Oh that is very yummy!

  3. Thanks, Beth, Natasha. I am very excited to have been included in this contest and am very excited that Bailey and Aidn have found a home at Samhain Publishing.

    It’s a very delightful, sexy, emotional book that brings together two people on the fringes of the BDSM lifestyle.

  4. Brooks

    That’s a hot excerpt! Thanks!

  5. A yummy excerpt to go with a yummy title. Now I’m hungry, darn it.

  6. Judy Cox

    Boy, that excerpt is fantastic!! Really hotttt!!! I also love the title!! It is different.

  7. Amy S.

    Great excerpt! Sounds good!

  8. He appeared in her rear-view in a silvery Audi. She couldn’t see his eyes, but her memory filled them in. Their beautiful heat burned through the glass.

    She drove meticulously, braking completely at all stop signs like she was in a driver’s ed video. She wanted to floor it, but she didn’t have time for a ticket and she damn sure didn’t want to end up on a gurney in pain instead of in her own bed with Aidn.

    He’d take you anyway, she thought. In the ER. Maybe even in the ambulance. She trembled.

    She parked and watched him striding toward her, savoring the wet heat between her legs. How could she stand, let alone walk? The prosaic click-clunk of her bug’s door brought her from reverie to reality. He was standing not a foot from her lips. She swayed toward him and heard a little gasp.

    “Come out, now,” he said, unmoving. Okay, then. She planted her feet on either side of his and slithered her way up to standing, pressed against him, no longer caring who might be watching.

    The firmness and softness of their bodies sliding together made her dizzy and desperate. She seized his face and kissed him hard, but this sudden action after her pigeon-toed shyness only increased her hunger.

    “It won’t be like that, girl,” he said calmly. He nipped her bottom lip and she yelped. He closed a hand around both her wrists. “I’ll show you how it’s gonna be.”

  9. Lynda

    Hot excerpt! Sounds like my kind of book!

  10. I am so thrilled all of you liked it! Being the new kid on the block here is a little daunting and am very glad the excerpt was well received.

  11. I definitely like the title and now I’m hungry, so there, I hope you’re happy! LOL


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