I just made an offer on a book by one of everyone’s fave authors….more to come on that once the contract is signed. But I’m excited about it, as I always am when I get the privelege of being able to make offers on great books. 

I’ve been kicking major ass on edits, and I’m really excited about all of my projects right now. I’ve got some good ones for you guys. =) Tuesday, High Line by T.A. Chase released and is currently sitting at #1 on My Bookstore and More’s list. Woo hoo! You know you want to go over there and buy it and check it out. I mean, it’s T.A., who wouldn’t want to get it and check it out? It’s the second in the Love of Sports series, so it’s the follow up to Out of Bounds. For those of you who’ve read that one….this one is Garrett’s story.

Everyone was clamoring for Garrett’s story when Out of Bounds came out, and trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


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