I’ve been bad

About posting on American Idol. Sigh. It’s my obsession and since I’ve been in the Winter Funk, I haven’t been sharing with everyone. =P

Now I must play some catch-up.

The only memorable thing about Hollywood Week was Tatiana. Yeah, she kind of stole the show so to speak. And not in a good way. I just wanted to reach through the TV every time she opened her damn mouth to smack her. God, was she annoying.

And then the first twelve sang. And most of them pretty much sucked. I was really surprised at how bad some of them were. The little blonde with the pink streak in her hair was freaking awesome and I’m really glad she got through. And Danny Gokey is my pick to win. I love his voice. And the fact that he’s kinda cute doesn’t hurt him at all. He was the only one I REALLY cared about getting through, but I didn’t really have any doubts that he would make it. He’s pretty much been a given.

I’m anxious to see what happens this week, even though I won’t care as much since my guy made it through. =)


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One response to “I’ve been bad

  1. Joe

    Danny Gokey is ridiculously talented; i would put my money on him to win the whole thing

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