Okay, so anyone else here a Lost fanatic? American Idol and Lost are the only ones I really talk about…and Grey’s Anatomy somtimes…but AI and Lost are really the only ones with conversational value. The rest of the 80 shows I watch I don’t really talk about or anything; I just watch them for my own enjoyment.

But Lost…oh man is there so much to talk about with Lost. A friend at work turned me on to the series and right before Christmas she lent me the first four seasons on DVD. I was hooked from the first episode. I love watching it and trying to figure it out.

The most recent episode really raised some questions that are going to need to be answered. Like, where is Aaron? We have absolutely no clue what Kate did with him. And what is up with him anyway? The first season made such a big deal out of him, but they’ve kinda let that one go. And it’s KILLING me. And with Sun going back…why isn’t her daughter with her? Ji Yeon was conceived on the island and technically left the island, so she should have to go back, right?

And why was Jin in Dharma gear? I’m sure we’ll find that out this week. And Locke…yeah, we all know he’s going to come back to life when he gets back to the island. The van Ben was driving him around in….the name of the company on the side was an anagram for Reincarnation. And why else would Ben have made the whole St. Thomas speech to Jack if Locke was going to just stay dead.

Yeah, it’s getting good. I’ve heard that a lot of questions will be answered this season, so we’ll see just how many are. Like, they’ve explained how the island is found, but they didn’t explain how it was found first, or why it was found. The history of the island is still a big question.

Ok, I’m done for now, but I’m sure I’ll be posting on it again Thursday morning. =)


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  1. I am, I am!

    Actually, I just blogged about this. Okay, it was really a quiz, but still…

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