All sorts of randomness

Lordy, I have no freaking clue what to think after watching Lost last night. Is Charles Widmore good? Why in the hell did Ben kill Locke after Locke told him he was supposed to take the people to Eloise Hawking? I mean, um, Eloise was who Ben took them to. Yeah, it’s all confusing new. Heard an interesting theory about Jack being Jacob. I’ll have to look into that on some boards or something some more.

My EDJ is boring has hell lately. For some reason, my work has really slowed down, so there is nothing to do other than wait for people to find busy work for me, since work has turned into Nazis that only let us on the Internet during our lunch hours. Sigh. There goes reading all my blogs during the day.

I’ve taken up crocheting. My mom taught me how to do it when I was little, and I’ve decided that I need something to do while watching TV to keep me from being on my laptop. Seriously. I’m afraid it’s starting to fuse itself to my lap. It’s that bad.

I normally don’t touch religion on this blog, but this isn’t about my beliefs or any mumbo jumbo, as much as something that came up randomly in a conversation today at work. There is a Christian school in my town that in their science class, they teach that dinosaurs never existed. What? Huh? Um…..bones people, bones. Oh, and technically, dinosaurs are what makes your car run. I mean, for serious. Dinosaurs never existed? Are you on crack? Oh please, tell me where FOSSIL fuels come from then. Oh, and explain those big ass bones to me, too? Is it a government conspiracy or something? Do tell. *Laughing*



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2 responses to “All sorts of randomness

  1. There are a lot of people who believe that the earth was created with the bones already in the ground and fossilized. I’m don’t remember the specific argument, but the idea is the earth hasn’t been around that long, so the dinosaurs could have never actually been alive.

    Within that group of people there is one subset who believes that the fossils are that “old” because God created them that way. There is another subset who believes that radiocarbon dating is a myth and that the fossils are only 4000 years old like the Earth. (My years may be off)

    Neither group’s views have ever held much water with me.

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