I’m neglectful

Yeah, I’ve been busy with editing, life and work. So, I’ve been neglecting my blog.

I’ve started DVRing Oprah, and she did a thing on the Polygamist Compound that reopened. Wow. Messed up. Girls getting married at twelve years old and stuff. I mean, I know women used to get married at that age in Biblical times and such, but that was when life expectancy was much shorter, so as soon as a girl basically started her period, she could get married. Fine, whatever. 

But these grown men in their thirties and forties marrying girls that are fourteen? Dude, no. 

And I have no clue how they can have seven wives under one roof and everyone is okay with that. I mean, how in the hell does he have sex with all them? LOL How does the bedroom work? I mean, wow. 

That’s really all I have today, since I was watching it and it’s just messed up to me. I can take it or leave it with the polygamy thing…I believe that’s a choice and if you’re okay with it, whatever. Do your thing. But not with child brides. That’s just wrong in this day and age. We’re not living in a time anymore when the life expectancy was less than forty or fifty.


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