Oh wow

It’s been a while. How crappy of a blogger am I? Pretty crappy, it looks like. 

Things have actually been pretty busy around here. I’ve been trying to get spring cleaning done, I’ve been a little more “social”, reading submissions and editing, and last night I got outta Dodge to go spend the night with family. We had a blast. 

If it’s warm enough next weekend, we’ll be working outside. Blech. I hate it, and I normally don’t have to, but M is gonna need my help with the first yard clean up. There are a TON of branches and sticks and stuff out there. He just can’t do it on his own. We’ve got sooooo many trees in our back yard, and we’ve had some pretty good storms with high winds go through, so you’ll have that. It means we just have firewood for the bonfire pit out back. =) And I’m so looking forward to being able to have fires out there soon. I love being out there.

And FINALLY! The days are getting longer. It’s 7:00 PM right now and it’s still light out. Thank you! I love it when it’s light out until like 10 in the evening. 

And my mission tonight, to get the hubby to let me or go with me, take all the X-Box 360 stuff in and trade it in for a Wii. I mean, I can’t even remember the last time we played the X-Box. Seriously. It’s a waste of space and I’ve been wanting a Wii for a while now, since I’ll actually play it. I need something fun around here to relax. =P Then again, don’t we all?


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  1. Natasha A.

    Wii’s Rock! I so recommend getting it! I just wish I had enough room in my living room to get the fit too! 😀 Good luck convincing him 😉

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