New author to read

No, this is pleasure reading for me. =) Not a new author for Samhain. Jen Lancaster.

My best friend got her first book, Bitter is the New Black, and the whole time she was reading it, she was telling me I HAD to read it. When I would ask her why, she’d just say “Oh, she’s just like you.” So I would sit there and wonder, what the hell does that mean?

Now that I have started reading the book (mind you, I’m not even through the first chapter), I can see EXACTLY what my friend meant. Oh. My. God. It’s like reading a book about myself. I mean, the woman starts out the book telling a story about how she took a Coach briefcase from a homeless dude by trading him her wasabi peas….and telling him they were crack. Yeah, anyone who knows me can see “Tera” written all over that.

All I can see is to go out and pick up some Jen Lancaster. I think there are a total of three memoirs and you can bet I’ll be reading all three. They’re giving me some damn good book/memoir ideas. LMAO.


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