Contest Schedule!!!

Looky looky what I have! =)


April 27 = Leslie Dicken with Beauty Tempts the Beast

April 28 = T.A. Chase with Tabloid Star

April 29 = Kimberly Nee with Eden’s Pass

April 30 = Dawn Brown with Living Lies

May 1 = Denise Belinda McDonald with The Cowboy Plan

May 2 = Rita Oberlies with The Catcher and the Lie

May 3 = Lissa Matthews with Pink Buttercream Frosting

May 4 = P.G. Forte with In the Dark

May 5 = Kelly Jamieson with Love Me More

May 6 = Avery Beck with Sexy by Design

May 7 = Kate Johnson with Still Waters

May 8 = Veronica Chadwick with Rude Awakening

May 9 = Lexi Adair with Rockstar

May 10 = Angelle Trieste with Devil Falls


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