I finally got around to updating my blog. =) The links have been updating with my new authors included, and I’ve updated the Books I’ve Edited and Coming Soon, so be sure to check those out. I’ll also be going through the Resources Links too, and deleting some inactive ones and maybe adding some more.

I told you I was getting better! =)

Today was all about getting back to work and getting caught up at the day job. That took all day, but I managed to squeeze in my lunch hour to read almost to the end of Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the Twilight Series. I was fairly “eh” about the series when I started it and I had to FORCE myself to get through the first half of the second book, so I’m hoping the movie of New Moon goes a bit faster-paced than that. =) But I’m really loving Breaking Dawn, so if you’re one of those like me who didn’t just devour the books, stick with it because the fourth book is freaking awesome.


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