Monday Managerie

Yes, I know I’m a day late. Hey, I’m still getting into the swing of it. =P

1. Watched Viky Christina Barcelona this weekend. The ending of it totally blowed and I hated it. What a waste of my time.

2. Excited to see Harry Potter (probably on Friday evening). Though with all the half-nekkid pics and nekkid pics of Harry Potter out there now… Yeah, I’m not gonna go there. *Shivers* And not in a good way.

3. I really want a hot pink Coach purse.

4. I’m kicking ass and taking names on edits. I love it!

5. I’m on the fifth book in the House of Night series. I like them, but don’t love them as much as I did when I first started reading. The authors repeat WAY too much stuff in them. Seriously. If it’s book five, shouldn’t you have read the other ones so that you don’t need to explain for the 80th time that the fledglings go to school at night? Seriously. And the authors foreshadow way too much, so nothing comes as a surprise.

6. I do believe I’m going to start the Stephanie Plum books next. Yup, I think so. I’ve heard so much about that, so I may as well. =P

7. Have I mentioned that I don’t dig the new Fire Safe Cigarettes? They taste different and you can’t leisurely have a smoke and a conversation without you stupid smoke going out. Sigh. (Yes, I know I need to quit. Talk to my husband who keeps getting us started all over again after we’ve quit.)


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