When subbing to your editor…

Be sure to keep it professional. Yes, we’ve worked with you before, but we still like professionalism. And for most, that means a query letter, not just your synopsis and your manuscript. Remember, just because you’ve been contracted before doesn’t guarantee another contract. You are still trying to “sell” us your manuscript. No matter what the relationship, you still have to put your best foot forward. I have one author that has subbed a manuscript to me without a query letter and I was okay with it, simply because she and I had personally talked about the story and she “sold” it to me over the phone. And if you have a relationship like that with your editor or you’ve had a conversation like that, you’ll know. =)

No, I’m not trying to sound like some huge stickler for all things rule-related. And I’m not saying you have to re-introduce yourself with every submission. That would be taking it to the extreme. Way to the extreme. But you still need to give us something.

I know a lot of authors write on the side and still have their evil day jobs. Or maybe not so evil, depending on the person and the job. (I know mine is evil and I can’t wait to edit full-time in a few years) I want you to think about your “big” boss at work…And I say “big” boss, I mean the person who’s not just your immediate supervisor. I have 5 bosses. I want you to think of the one at the top. Pretend that you were asked by that boss to do some major research on something for the company, whatever applies to the industry you work in. After you have done your due diligence and spent however long it took to do it, are you just going to send it in to him/her attached to an e-mail that says “Here it is.”

Nope, didn’t think so.


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