Landing on the Moon

For someone like me, I can’t get away from NASA and space, since anyone who knows anything about my hubby knows is is a HUGE space fanatic. HUGE. Here’s an example…I work at Purdue, where we just built and opened the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering. Since I’m in Construction on campus, I was able to finagle us a pair of tickets to the Black Tie Gala, VIP and Donors only, with all of the astronauts who have graduated from Purdue who are still alive…twenty-something of them. And, of course, Neil Armstrong was there. And now, in my living room, we have a picture of Myles and Neil Armstrong, taken at that event. He spoke to him shook his hand, the whole shebang. That was my wedding present to him, a year early. And I’ll never be able to top it, unless I get him a ticket on one of Burt Ratan’s sub-orbital plane rides. =P Or into space for that matter. So yes, the hubby is into space. =P

I’ve always been okay with it, I enjoy it and I find it interesting, but so not to the extent that he does. =P But we got to talking about it, and he was irritated at someone at work who said that the whole space program was pointless and a waste of money. Oh, really? I can guarantee you that the space program affects your life EVERY SINGLE DAY. How, you ask? Well, let’s see:

Medicine (there are meds that can only be made in a zero G environment). Your TV. Your cell phone. Your current Internet. (This stuff all takes satellites, boys and girls. No space program, no satellites). The type of TV you now have. Your computer. Freeze-dried food. Tempur-pedic mattresses. Cochlear implants. Artificial limbs. The fire-fighting equipment used now. Aircraft anti-icing systems. LEDs. Portable cordless vacuums. Enriched baby food.

The list goes on and on. And no, it doesn’t include Tang. =P

I’d like you to tell me you can live without EVERYTHING on that list. You can’t. It’s not possible. Never in a million. The technology we “taken” from NASA affects almost every aspect of our lives. The plastics we use, carbon fiber, some of the metal alloys…See, even more.

Just thought I’d give some perspective. =P


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  1. kimberly nee

    That is cool – I’m such a NASA nerd it isn’t even funny. I love anything and everything having to do with space… That’s a great picture!

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