Monday Menagerie

1. Watched the moving Knowing this weekend with Nicholas Cage. Really good movie, and some parts of it were surprisingly creepy. There were some things in there I wasn’t expecting that didn’t come up anywhere in any preview I saw, but it was really good nonetheless.

2. Went to see Harry Potter on Friday. It’s rare that I actually see something when it’s out at the theatre, but this was one I had to go see on the big screen. =) I absolutely loved it, though I was a bit disappointed by the ending. For anyone who has read the books, there is a lot of stuff missing from the movie (which is to be expected. They do have to fit it all in a certain amount of time), but I think they could have done more with the ending. In the book, Dumbledore’s death is so much more dramatic and emotional, and the movie didn’t make me feel any other that.

3. Have I mentioned I’m not digging my day job? I can’t wait until I can stay home and edit and be a housewife. It’s gotten so bad here that I can’t even get up to have a five minute conversation with a couple of my friends who work here. I have to sit in my cube all day like a good little girl. I’m not one of those people who can sit in a corner all day and not socialize one iota, and neither are many other people in the office. They’re slowly killing what made our department so great, which was a great comraderie between us and all the construction guys. Sigh.

4. We have a mole in our yard. And one that is causing MAJOR problems. The whole side yard is nothing but his tunnels. It’s no good. No good at all. I’m afraid to walk over there, fearing I might fall into some chasm deep withing the Earth’s core. I’m not thinking that would be fun, but hey, that’s just me.

5. I have begun exercising again when I get home from work. Run/walking in place for a half hour to forty-five minutes as I watch that day’s Young and the Restless on the DVR. =P I’ve found that doing it while watching TV helps take my mind off of the fact that I’m doing something I REALLY don’t like doing.

6. My freaking nails are finally starting to grow back after they all broke off working around the house. And for me, it’s a big dea. I have short, stubby little fingers, and the nails make them look a teeny bit more feminine. =P

7. I started edits on one of my contracted stories, For His Eyes Only by Avery Beck, and I’m remembering why I love my job so much. =) Not that I ever really forget, but it’s times like these when I actually stop to think about it.


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