I’m irritated

Okay, I’m not one who normally gets “political” on my blog. But I’m watching the show 30 Days and I’m so irritated by the woman on here that I can’t keep my mouth shut. The show 30 Days, if you haven’t heard of it, takes a person who is on one side of a spectrum and places them in a household of a family on the complete other side of the spectrum for thirty days. The one I am watching is about gay adoption, so I’m sure you can figure out the two sides of the spectrum. So if you don’t agree with gay adoption or gay rights, don’t continue reading. =P

Five minutes into this and I’m sooooo annoyed and irritated with this woman. She is living with two gay men who have adopted four children. All were in foster care and had pretty much “aged out”, one child being a special needs child.

She is talking about how she feels very uncomfortable about how the kids are in bed sleeping and their are two men sleeping in the same bed down the hall, and that it’s soooo wrong. Grrrr. One of the dad’s also told this kids on their first day of school that it is their choice as to whether or not they want to tell people they have two dads. The woman was all disgusted because people shouldn’t have to tell kids things like that and kids shouldn’t have to make a decision like that and they wouldn’t have to if they grew up in a proper, right, Christian family. Um, how about this one…..they wouldn’t have to think about stuff like that if there weren’t people like you in the world!

It just really gets to me, how someone can tell another person how wrong it is for them to be in love, for them to make a life with someone. And the kicker is that she never even changed her opinion on her stance, not once. Most people who do the 30 Days thing end up being able to see something from the other side of the coin. They may not change their belief system, but they are a little more open minded about the other side. This woman, not a chance. Never once did she say anything positive.

It really saddens me to know there are such hateful people out there. She kept bringing up God this and God that. I may not be a very religious person, but I still have “beliefs”, and I just can’t believe that God could hate people for finding someone to share their life with, for finding their soul mate, their partner. I just have a hard time believing that such a “loving” God could be so hateful.


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