Monday Menagerie

Without further ado…

1. I have made a life-changing decision. I can’t share it yet (on the web, everything is accessible to everyone, and it’s not something I want certain people to know about yet =P), but it’s pretty big. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with Samhain, so don’t go worrying or jumping up and down. LOL

2. I’m up to twenty minutes on my bike now. I know that sounds like a really measley amount, but for me, that’s huge. I’m sooooo out of shape. =P

3. Have I mentioned that I’m really digging the stories I’m editing right now? They’re ones I contracted awhile ago and have been sitting, waiting patiently for me to start on them, and I’m being reminded as to just why I contracted them and how great they are.

4. I’m on a mission to get the house looking perfect. We’ve been hanging out between our neighbors’ house and our house, and dammit, J’s house looks perfect! I want mine to look like hers. Hahaha. Except, I have some limitations. Currently, M has his research and development and assembly line so to speak set up in the front living room and dining room. So, I’m pretty darn limited in terms of making a good impression when people first walk in the house. =P

5. I have a crap ton of notes on Post-Its that I’ve written down but never put into my proper notebooks. I really need to get on that tonight and get organized. There’s everything from my To Do lists, to TBR books, to notes I’ve made about manuscripts while editing, to notes I’ve made regarding submissions I’m reading. Sigh. Organization is something I need to get back in the swing of.


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