Uh oh

Yeah, I missed my Friday Links post. I’ll make up for it with even more next Friday. It’s been a really crazy week for me, and even crazier since this morning. I got some really crappy news from my mom that just has me shocked and saddened and angry. As I’m sure everyone knows, my brother is in the Army. He went on base for a month, leaving his girlfriend and her two-year-old daughter to fend for themselves. It’s not like it can be helped. My brother has a, um, colorful past let’s just say, and so does N. My brother has been worked past his past, for the most part…he’s still crazy irresponsible with money and just in general won’t grow up…but he’s moved past the rest. We thought N had, too. My family completely welcomed her and she became part of us, along with her daughter, C, who we all grew REALLY attached. Even having them over for Christmas when Doug was in Iraq, having her second birthday, everything. They were family.

Okay, so you get the background of it now.

Well, I guess on Thursday N decided to have a party, with C present, and they were popping pills…Coladapin (there are about a zillion spellings of it). Anyways, it’s a pretty hefty drug = anti-anxiety, muscle relaxer, minor tranquilizer…yeah. Apparently, they weren’t being careful and C got ahold of one and took it. C is now in the hospital. Needless to say, my parents had to go get my bro’s car keys and the apartment keys from her. He’s done with her. And I don’t blame him one bit. But now he has to come back to a little girl’s Tinkerbell and Disney Princess room that he’ll no longer need, all of her toys and clothes…God, I am so sad in general, but even more sad for Doug. He was extremely attached to C, and the whole thing has me about in tears because of C and how much I’m going to miss her being a part of our family.

Sometimes I just don’t get people and the stupid shit they do. They don’t stop to think about how everything you do not only affects you but so many people in your life.  So sad.

Okay, sorry. That was really personal and depressing, but well, I felt the need. =P


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  1. Angie

    That is terrible all around. I hope that little girl will be okay and how sad for your brother. Can you redo the room before he comes home?

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