Monday Menagerie

1. I have THE most awesome hubby EVER. I was out of town with family this weekend, and when I got home, he had completely re-done our bathroom. It’s beautiful! He stayed up all Saturday night working on it so it would be done by the time I got home on Sunday so he could surprise me. =) I think I’m just going to sit in there and read all the time. It just might be my favorite room now. LOL

2. I have the most awesome family. I really do.

3. I’m sad about Angie leaving Samhain, but I wish her well with Quartet Press. They were smart to snatch her away from us. =P Now it’ s a new era at Samhain, and we’re coming up with some great stuff. So be on the lookout!

4. I’ve been reading Patricia Cornwell the past couple of weeks and wondering why I never got around to reading her before. She absolutely knocks my socks off!


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