Monday Menagerie

1. It’s Labor Day…therefore, I am not at the EDJ, which makes me really happy. =)

2. Only a month until Hilton Head and the Samhain Editors’ Retreat, which I soooooo excited for. =) It’s going to be a blast!

3. I was up with the family this weekend in South Bend…first home game. There’s nothing like it. People hear at Purdue…dude, they think they’re it when it comes to everything, but they don’t have nothing on Notre Dame. =) No one else can compare to the atmosphere, the fans, the tailgating, the team… I love it! Considering I grew up a couple miles from ND campus. =) And we won! Complete shut out, 35-0. Nice.

4. I got behind in editing this summer because of a lot of stuff that went on, nothing bad =P, but now I’m working my butt off to pull ahead. Ugh.

5. The Myles is sick. =( He wasn’t able to head up to South Bend with me for Mom’s birthday on Saturday and the party. Kind of a bummer. I’m hoping he starts to feel better soon. He’s on day three now, and I must admit, the coughing and noises are driving me nuts, but I can’t get him to go upstairs. =P

6. My mom and dad’s four-month-old English Lab puppy is crazy! He’s worse than Marley, but he’s soooo cute. On Saturday evening, he was flopping himself over the chicken wire around the garden and stealing tomatoes. Oh man, he’s nuts. lol


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