Review for Beauty Tempts the Beast!

A feast of sensual tension and secrets with a mystery that pulls you to a surprise ending!

About the Book:
Genre: historical
Page Count: 196
Price: $$5.50
Reviewer: MarthaE
Sensuality Rating: Sultry
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars
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Author’s Website:

This Beauty and Beast story in a Gothic mode is a feast of sensual tension and secrets with a mystery that pulls you to a surprise ending. From the very beginning it is hard to determine which is greater – the secrets the hero and heroine are hiding or the sensual tension that sizzles whenever they are together!
Beautiful and lively Vivian Suttley has run away from a brute who would claim her in marriage by blackmailing her father. She has spunk and is brave enough to force her way into the dark and deteriorating household of a man she believes to be a hero even though society’s rumors make him out to be a monster. She looks into Lord Ashworth’s scarred and grim visage without flinching. She immediately sees past the jagged scar of the “beast” to the pain and wounds he holds inside.
Lord Ashworth is plagued by nightmares and visions of a murdered woman. He has hidden himself in a dreary mansion to hide with his secrets and black moods. He doesn’t want outsiders who might accidentally discover his secrets and upset his ordered, if gloomy, life. And he surely cannot understand what would make a beautiful young lady fight so hard to stay. Ashworth knows Vivian is hiding secrets too but he isn’t sure if learning her secrets will be worth the risk of revealing his own.
The author has produced a sensual dance interwoven with half memories of a brutal assault and unexplained terror. Lord Ashcroft is a tortured soul protecting a tender heart.  Vivian is a tender heart at first seeking protection and later seeking to share the fullness of love and life. Slowly she brings light and life to the mansion and the lives around her. But evil still lurks in the shadows waiting to pounce.
Leslie Dicken has created delectable and rich characters, including a very nasty villain. The plot has a good mystery which is enhanced by the dark setting. I recommend this as a truly enjoyable read – and don’t forget your fan!


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