Review for Out of Bounds!

Kasey Johnson is in the closet. Not because he is ashamed of being gay but because he is afraid of what will happen to his career if he comes out as openly gay. He isn’t sure if he can deal with the fall out that a gay professional basketball player would bring. Kasey has never been with someone who makes him want to come out, that is until he met Ingram Fletcher. Gram is the nightclub owner has lusted after Kasey for a year. Gram is tired of men who are still in the closet and he is unsure if a relationship is possible with Kasey no matter how much he wants it.

I have never understood most sports but T.A. Chase makes sports and romance seem very much like the part of everyday life that they are. I realized that the characters in this story seemed so real to me that I am thinking about what will happen to them all after the story is over. I couldn’t help but being pulled in two directions when I was reading this book. On one hand I wanted Kasey to man up and admit he was gay because love is harder to come by than a job — even one that makes you famous. On the other hand, I was rooting for Garrett to find his own love interest after his nasty break-up. I kind of hope that Garrett gets his own story because he stood by his brother through it all and he deserves love too. Kasey and Gram have hot sex over and over, that was a year in the making. I really enjoyed the real life quality of this story and like many of the stories I have read from T.A. Chase, I was kept interested until the very last page.

Overall rating
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Tabatha
August 21, 2009



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