Monday Menagerie

1. I am still sick. Ugh. I’m at work today, but I’m still sick. At least it’s not as bad as it was. And thank God for drugs.

2. The house is a pit. Since Myles and I have both been sick nothing has been done. So tonight I need to seriously work on some power cleaning before I sit down to edit and edit dinner or anything else.

3. Season premier of House tonight!!! One of my fave shows ever. I’m sooooo looking forward to having new shows to watch. Well, new episodes of my shows. You all know what I mean. =P

4. Did I mention I have a stack of stuff to do at the EDJ about three feet high? Oh, and no motivation to do it. Yeah, that’s par for the course I guess.

5. I’m really excited for this weekend. Myles and I got to talking last night, and one thing led to another, and this weekend we’re heading up to my mom and dad’s and then all of us are going to head up to Kalamazoo, MI to go to the Air Zoo. I’m sure you all know my hubby is a pilot, so it’s something he’s been wanting to do ever since it opened. =) Plus, it’ll be fun to take a family trip, and my 11yo bro should really enjoy himself.


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