I’m so sad

Patrick Swayze died yesterday. He was one of my all-time favorite actors/famous person. There was something I absolutely adored about him, and truth be told, I soooo wanted him (or his twin) to come take me away. He’s a great definition of a man. A supreme definition of a man. And in Roadhouse when he is shirtless working out by the lake…oh man, be still my heart. I know Roadhouse is cheesy, but it’s always been one of my favorites. And the way he moves his hips in Dirty Dancing made my eyes melt. Yeah, hawt!

When I was watching Anderson Cooper last night, they gave a startling statistic…only 4% of people who get pancreatic cancer beat it and live. That’s such an amazingly low number. They said by the time it’s found, and it can only be found through a CAT scan, it’s already metasticized into the liver and such. And they also said that the symptoms are practically non-existent, which is so scary. The main one to watch for, though, is sudden, unexplained weight loss. Now I know that sounds great to many of us out there, lol, but medically, it’s not, which is pretty obvious.

It’s weird, but I’ve reached a point in my life where stars passing away is actually starting to affect me. Never really bothered me up until this year, and then it’s like “Wow. I grew up with them.” No, we don’t “know” them, but it’s amazing how much a part of our lives these people become. I was completely floored when MJ died, and so sad for Farrah and now Patrick. One of the first movies I really watched when I was a teen was Dirty Dancing, the first music video I ever watched was “Thriller”, and Farrah always reminded me of my mom (same hair back in the day).


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