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Vivian Suttley needs Charles Hansard, Viscount Ashworth to marry her as soon as possible. Charles is known as The Monster because of being a recluse with a scarred face. Not many women are waiting in line to marry him. Vivian doesn’t care what Charles looks like. She saw him before his hideous scarring and knows he is simply a man who is tormented inside. Vivian wants to be the one woman to help and heal him. She also needs his protection from a man who wants her and will stop at nothing until she is his.

No woman would want to take on The Monster. Charles cannot have a lovely young miss like Vivian in his life. She is too pure and wholesome for a wretched man like himself. Even when he tries to scare Vivian with threats that turn into seduction, Vivian will not be deterred. Because Charles can’t deny his attraction to Vivian, he will allow her to stay for the time being. He knows she is hiding something, and he will figure out what it is.

As Vivian and Charles become more comfortable around each other, the woman Charles once loved comes back begging for his hand in marriage. Charles asks Vivian to pretend to be his fiancé, which she accepts. She would love nothing more for this mock engagement to become a reality. Vivian will not be frightened away from the overbearing Charles or the other side he tries to keep at bay. Time is running out because Vivian’s stalker knows where she is and will stop at nothing to have her in his arms or to kill her so no other man can have her.

Beauty Tempts the Beast has a nice gothic feel to it. This dark, sweeping romance is perfect for those readers who like suffering heroes. Charles is so distressed as he grapples with his fears and the horrors of his past that has lead him to a life of seclusion. His whole world changes when Vivian enters his life. Watching him fall for Vivian adds to the complexity of this story. Leslie Dicken really does build up the attraction between Charles and Vivian and their love scenes smolder with intensity.

The mystery and intrigue in Beauty Tempts the Beast makes this quite the page turner. There are many twists and turns you will not see coming that will keep you guessing till the very end. Leslie Dicken is indeed one author to watch, andBeauty Tempts the Beast will tempt you in many ways.

Reviewed by: Katie


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