Monday Menagerie

1. I had a really good weekend. Myles and I headed to South Bend on Friday to go to the Air Zoo with my family as an early birthday present for Myles, whose birthday is the 27th. We had a lot of fun and it was nice to take a trip as a family.

2. All new TV this week! Finally! I am soooo over re-runs and ready for everything to be new again.

3. My cats still have fleas. We’ve tried everything we could in order to not have to bomb the house, but I’m thinking at this point that we have no option. Sigh. Nikon must have picked them up from outside or something, since it’s been so dry out. Ugh.

4. Just talked to the hubby…looks like we’re gonna give them another bath tonight each and bomb the house. =( Which means the cats have to go in one of the cars while the house is being bombed, and Myles and I have to go blow a few hours someplace.

5. I just noticed how flat and shiny the “thumb” spot is on my spacebar. =P

6. Have I mentioned I’m really looking forward to the Samhain Editor Retreat in Hilton Head Island? It’ll be nice to get away by myself. =)


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