Link Roundup

Chip MacGregor has a post about marketing. He spoke with someone who is marketing consultant for some small companies and such you might have heard of: Apple, Disney, HP.

Dear Author did one on the top misconceptions about ebooks. This is a definite must read for anyone in digital publishing or thinking about it. We all know that I’m with Angela James on “bringing everyone over to the digital darkside”. =)

Um, can we say awesome? I want one.

Screenwriter Josh Olson has a good one: I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script. Yup, this is my kinda post. =P

Nathan Bransford on one that always seems to need to be told and told and told again. If you need to have this explained to you over and over, you probably shouldn’t be a writer. =P

Here’s some on one we all know and love, The Google Book Settlement.

Here is a VERY important one from Chip MacGregor on Blogging as Marketing. Read it, do it.

Masahble tells you how to stay organized with Google Calendar. I love mine, but this is teaching me stuff I know I’ll definitely use. =)

And I will soooo be following this person on Twitter. =)


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