College football!

So, as everyone should know, I’m a HUGE Notre Dame fan. And today Notre Dame is playing where I work….Purdue. I got my hands on some tickets, and we know a bunch of people who are tailgating, so as long as the rain holds off, we’ll be heading out of here around 4. =) I will be sitting in the Purdue fan section in all my Notre Dame glory. Notre Dame T-shirt, ND sweatshirt if it’s cold, Irish Princess tiara, capris to make sure people see my shamrock tattoo, Mardi Gras beads with huge shamrocks and a shot glass….Yeah, I’m prepared. =) Myles isn’t. He doesn’t even get into football at all, not even close to the way I get into ND football.

And to make it even better, our new “big” boss at work is retired from ND and was asking me who I was going to root for today. I told him Notre Dame of course. He mentioned that he still holds season tickets to the Notre Dame games. I told him if he ever had games where he wasn’t going to use them to let me know. He immediately said that he has two tickets to the Notre Dame vs Boston College home game that he wasn’t going to use. Holy shit! That is a huge game to have tickets for! And, he sold them to me for face value, which is a HUGE deal. Tickets for that game can get up to about $500 a piece. No joke. I called my dad, since he’s the only person I would take with me, and he’s buying them for me for my birthday (it’s on October 22 and the game is on October 24) and we’re going to go together. =) Anyone who knows anything about Notre Dame knows that tickets to a game are EXTREMELY difficult to get. You just sort of have to fall into them. They’re on their 209th consecutive sold-out game. Purdue is on their, um, never sold out game. =P

Which brings me to a rant of mine, so bear with me. People at Purdue just don’t get it. Really, they don’t. They think they are the epitome of college football. They aren’t. Not even close. No where in the same universe as Notre Dame. And I’m not just saying that because I grew up two miles away from Notre Dame. I grew up tailgating at Notre Dame, living in a college football town. It’s because they really don’t compare.

When people think of college football, all over the country, Purdue isn’t one who people name. They name Michigan, USC, Notre Dame, Rutgers… Not Purdue. Not even close. Um, can you please tell me where the College Football Hall of Fame is? Oh, that’s right, it’s in South Bend, Indiana… Where NOTRE DAME IS. Can someone please tell me some of the cities SOUTH BEND beat in getting the CFHoF? Let’s see… New York, New Orleans, Chicago… Yeah, we beat them.

The first time I went tailgating at a Purdue game, I was like, um, is this it? Seriously. It’s NOTHING compared to tailgating at Notre Dame. NOTHING.

Okay, I’m stepping off my soap box now. =)


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  1. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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