Available or single? Alas, I am taken. Took a long time for someone to finally rope me in, but it’s now been done. =P

Best Friend? Oh, my husband, for sure.

Cake or Pie? Cake. Red velvet or white (Btw, those were my wedding cake flavors.)

Drink of choice? Guinness

Essential item for every day use? Laptop…can’t live without it.

Favorite Color? Hot pink and kelly green. Black is a given

Google? Duh

Hometown? South Bend, IN. Home of the Fighting Irish. Go ND!!!! I’m also pretty much all Irish, with a little but of American Indian in me, so it works out nicely. =)

Indulgences? Way too many. Ice cream, alcohol, cigarettes…

January or February? January, but only the first couple of days. After that, it all sucks until it gets warmer.

Life is incomplete without? Laughing and love

Marriage date? October 11, 2008

Number of siblings? Two brothers, Doug and Matt. Doug = 25 and in the Army, about to start prepping for his third tour overseas, and one that going to be 12 in November…yes, same parents for all three of us. =P

Oranges or apples? Oranges, but every single little bit of peel and gunk have to be off of them.

Phobias and fears? Heights and spiders. And open stairs. My work has open stairs and I work on the second floor. I’m okay walking up them, but I can’t walk down them. I’ve been this way ever since I was little, but it used to be ALL stairs.

Quote for the day? “I am a misfit tied with the global economy.” My friend just got drunk dialed and he said that in his five minute rant of nothing. I cracked up wondering what the shit it even means. =P

Reason to smile? My husband, my family, my cats don’t have fleas anymore, I get to go to Hilton Head to hang out with all my kick-ass Samhain co workers, Halloween is right after that, tomorrow I get to go to the game and watch Notre Dame stomp all over Purdue on their own turf and get toasted with my friends while tailgating….um…lol. I have lots of reasons to smile. =)

Season? Fall. From Sept 1 to January 2 is my fave time of the year. I love it and I feel all warm and tingly inside….especially when I smell the leaves burning. =)

Unknown fact about me? For anyone on here, it would be my little stairs thing. =P

Vegetable you hate? Beets, carrots, lima beans, green peppers….

Worst habit? Smoking..and swearing. I have a mouth like a sailor.

X -rays you’ve had? Um…….my wrist when I broke it, my ankle when I severely strained it, a bunch on my jaw for TMJ for chewing gum too much, my knees multiple times, plus MRIs on those… Can’t remember what else, but I know I am missing some. Oh, my hands…I used to have a bad temper when I was a teenager and punch things. *rolling my eyes at that now*

Zodiac sign? Libra or Scorpio. If you follow progressive astrology, I’m a Scorpio…became a Scorpio when I was about six months old. When I’m 31 and a half I’ll become a Sag. if you follow regular astrology, I’m pretty much half Scorpio and half Libra, since I was born on Oct 22 at 11:21 PM. That’s about as much on the cusp as you can get. =P


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