Monday Menagerie

1. We finally got the garage cleaned out. It’s been an absolute mess, and now it’s all nice and clean…well, as clean as a garage can be. =)

2. Only two weeks until the Samhain Editor Retreat in Hilton Head Island. I think it’s going to be really productive as well as a lot of fun. We have so much to discuss regarding Samhain, and I know we’re all looking forward to it.

3. Ah, it was chilly when I left for work this morning. It felt like Fall and put me in a really good mood. This is my favorite time of year, all the way up until January 2. And then I’m over it. =P

4. I got my Halloween costume this weekend. It’s something completely not me at all, but I fell in lurve with it, so I decided to be different this year and do something I wanted to do with absolutely no tie to my hubby’s costume. He won’t even tell me what he got. LOL I won’t know until Octoer 30 when he dresses up.

5.  Can I just say that I have a TON of stuff to get done at home? I really need to bust butt on getting stuff done. I’ve been lazy when it comes to house stuff lately and I need to get back in gear with a quickness. As a matter of fact, I’m not even going to sit down when I get home from work until I get my list of things done. =P

6. So today we’re having this big luncheon for our floor. It started out as just my department, since it’s an end-of-summer thing we do every year around this time. Then people butted in and now it’s this huge thing that the president is coming to. And it’s all completely ridiculous now. She had to have certain drinks there, it was supposed to be outside, but if it rained or was wet, she won’t get her shoes dirty. Ugh. Our fun cookout just for us is now our not-so-fun hog roast that is taking entirely too much work and thought.

7. Some people have really big heads.


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