Writing Erotic/Red Hot Romance

1. Just because you put a bunch of sex in a manuscript does not make it Red Hot. Not even close. There are so many things that go into this, I’m not even going to go there at this moment.

2. Having your heroine getting herself off in the first chapter, with in hours of meeting the hero for the first time….usually a big turn off for the editor. I’ve only seen this done successfully once or twice…and never in a  book that I have contracted, and usually in novellas. And even then, she’s normally previously known the hero and has always had a thing for him…or something like that.

3. Wanting erotic and red hot material does not mean we want a story all about sex. As a matter of fact, it never means we want a story all about sex. Some publishers may go for that, but Samhain doesn’t. Yes, we’re all about the story, but a bunch of sex does not a story make. We still need the passion, the chemistry, the great plot and characters… We need the whole shebang.

4. No, it’s not porn. ‘Nuff said.

5. For the love of God and all that is holy…do not ever put “MMMMmrrrrppphhhhhhhh,” she moaned…or anything even remotely like that in your book. I read a book like this from another epub that had that all over it. Maybe a couple of Hmmm and Mmms…A COUPLE…but seeing ones like my first example makes me want to utter many expletives and unless the rest of your sotry wowed me a million percent, you won’t be a getting an offer of a contract.

6. I think I am going back to the porn thing. Everytime I hear someone use that word and my mss/authors in the same sentence, I get flamed. Some of the best manuscripts I’ve contracted have had little sex in them, and aren’t even close to being Red Hot.

7. Erotic romance and Red Hot romance aren’t the same things. Erotic doesn’t have an HEA between the main characters. Think more like sexual exploration. Most people label their work as erotic and it’s really not.


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