Things I learned…

At the Samhain Editor Retreat in Hilton Head Island, SC.

1. I’ve always thought that everyone at Samhain was awesome, but now that I’ve met everyone in person, I think everyone is even more awesome. =)

2. Hilton Head Island is gorgeous.

3. Savannah is the most beautiful city I think I’ve been to, and River Walk is the coolest place ever.

4. Jimmy is freakin’ hilarious!!

5. Jacob wears barrettes in his bears. No, really.

6. Never leave two foreigners (Heidi Moore and Imogen Howsen) alone in Savannah when you go on a ghost tour. They can and will get horribly lost.

7. Sitting the middle of the very back seat of a Jeep Commander for an hour is miserable. Just ask Amanda Brashear. She understands.

8. When you still all the the Samhain editors, Crissy, Marty and Amanda in a room, sex is sure to come up and be discussed many many times.

9. Crissy is THE greatest boss EVER.

10. I don’t think I like the cockroaches everywhere on the streets and such. LOL


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One response to “Things I learned…

  1. Bethany

    And number 11. Marty is mean! Vicious! LOL.

    No actually, there isn’t a mean bone in Marty’s body. It was great to meet everyone.


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