Kindle Contest Day 3 = Denise Belinda McDonald

Please welcome Denise Belinda McDonald!

1. What is your favorite thing about the colder weather?

Aside from the cool crisp mornings—since I live in Texas—I love being able to wear all my sweaters, and I have MANY!

2. What kind of books do you like to curl up with on a cold day?

I like a good mystery. Something to keep me guessing what will happen next.

3. What is your favorite holiday food?

Pumpkin bread—I love bread any time, but around the holidays I love pumpkin bread.

4. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Decorating the Christmas tree, because it is something the hubby and I do with all our kids.

5. Be honest, how much do you decorate for the holidays?

I have boxes and boxes of trinkets that I pull out for the holidays. Ribbons on all the curtains and knickknacks on every flat surface. Every room, but the kids’ rooms (we’d never see it again) gets decorated.

Scavenger Hunt Question:

Which book does Denise have a “back story” for?

The answer can be found at Denise’s blog.

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30 responses to “Kindle Contest Day 3 = Denise Belinda McDonald

  1. Awww, sweaters!

    And I actively envy any mother who is able to have kids’ rooms. We have a kids’ house, and some secret hiding places we adults retreat to when the lil ones aren’t looking, to have some private time. 🙂 But then again, nothing’s cuter than to have a kids’ book on your windowsill and a teensy weensy toy car next to the keyboard.

  2. Phyllis

    Hmm. I wonder if some people tend to like different books at different times of the year? I like the same ones year round: classics! I guess I do read more in the winter, though.

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  4. I’ve seen a lot of interviews recently where people liked to read mystery/suspense novels during the holidays. Maybe it has something to do with being able to hide under those blankets we need when things get thrilling! 🙂

  5. Maggie Johnson

    We definetly have a kid house but I always put a little Christmas in their room.Love my sweaters.I read the samething year round.I love anything to do with Pumpkin.

  6. I totally get about the boxes and boxes of decorations. Every year I buy one special thing for this year’s holiday decorations. And over the years, I’ve amassed tons of good stuff and it’s all sorted and colour coordinated in the crawl space.

    This coming weekend is when I get to decide what colour this year’s decorations theme will be and go down and bring up what I need.

    I think it might be olive green. Found some awesome wreathes last weekend for this year’s special buy.


  7. Christine

    I love everything pumpkin, muffins, bread, donuts, coffee. Its not fall until I’ve had something pumpkin. My favorite by far are pumkin cookies, some people but in raisins but I prefer chocolate chips (always a sucker for a little more chocolate). I never would have thought it was something I would like before I tried it but once I did I was hooked. Now I make them for the family for every Thanksgiving. Its become one of our family holiday traditions.

  8. Crystal B.

    I love pumpkin bread. I love pulling out all the decorations and covering all the surfaces.

  9. Joder

    I have tons of sweaters too. I sometimes feel like a female Mr. Rogers. They’re my favorite type of comfort clothing and I especially love them whenever I’m sick. Just putting them on makes me feel better.

  10. I have 20+ cardigans… I *heart* cardigans! We are having a cold snap this week so It has been great getting to pull them out!

    When I was a kid we always pulled the decorations out the weekend after Thanksgiving. I have tried to keep up with that, but the sooner I get them out, the sooner the kids start messing with and moving things around–I will find one or two Christmas items in the weirdest places come January and February (I think they hide them just to see how long it takes to find them)

    I have already started some baking–nothing pumkin yet, that’s later this week 🙂 –but brownies are good any time!

  11. Cathy M

    My favorite day is our Christmas Eve tradition. The whole family makes it home, and we have cracked crab, prime rib, and watch a movie together. Sometimes it’s a classic like, The Christmas Story, sometimes it’s something brand new.

  12. Amy S.

    I love to decorate the tree with my nieces and nephew. They have fun looking at all the ornaments.

  13. Fedora

    LOL! Wow, you’re amazing, Denise! We decorate very minimally for the holidays–I’m not much of a housekeeper even ordinarily, so it’s quite a task just getting things cleaned up enough so we can make things festive! How wonderful that you’re creating some decorating traditions with your family so the kids will be remembering the holidays for years to come! And mmm… pumpkin bread! Although I do have to agree that brownies are excellent year round!

  14. fallon hadley

    My problem is I don’t have enough sweaters. I get it in my head it’s not “that cold”, then I freeze my rear end off. LOL

    Fallon H.

  15. SO, winters are spent wrapped up in a warm sweater while you read a good suspense and eat pumpkin bread. I can’t think of a better way to feel warm and cozy! Add a blazing fire and a hot chocolate I’m there. :o)

  16. ooh! Pumpkin bread! Mieum!!!!

  17. Tracey D (bl0226)

    I love pumpkin bread, too. I buy pumpkin bread scented candles and they are wonderful. The whole house smells like Christmas.

    Tracey D

  18. chey

    Wow, that’s a lot of decorating. I once knew a lady who totally redecorated her house with Christmas ornaments every year. I just stick to the Living Room.

  19. And good for her for holiday decorating – it’s so much fun!!!! It makes me feel so giddy inside every time I even think about decorating!

  20. Estella

    I don’t put out many decorations—-I have 3 and 4 year old grandsons.

  21. I only decorate the inside, though… my neighbor across the street (already) puts out any and every thing you could think of in his yard–it’s great (and I don’t have to do it)

  22. yvonne e

    Decorating the tree is so much fun, especially with the kids.

  23. tom m

    I enjoy the stories that keep me guessing too.

  24. mtr

    I love decorating the christmas tree too and the house. When I was younger me and my brother use to decorate the whole house. It must be nice living in Texas I lived there a few years ago and miss the thunder storms.

  25. wow…everyone’s pretty gung-ho here about decorating. I usually put up some lights around my living room window…it’s a massive window…and just a couple of odds and ends of Christmas decorations. I get a real kick out of going around my neighbourhood and seeing how all out some of them go for the holidays. Not to mention, the entire city is always decorated to the nines…I love it all.

    I’m all about the comfy sweaters too. Winters in Ottawa can get pretty darn cold, there’s nothing better than being all bundled up in a cosy sweater while drinking a cuppa hot chocolate.

  26. Nancy Gilliland

    I like to read Lord of the Rins every autumn, because that’s when Frodo began his journey. On cold winter night, I like to grab a sweet romance and curl up under a blanket with a up of cocoa.

  27. Nancy Gilliland

    I like to read Lord of the Rings every autumn, because that’s when Frodo began his journey. On cold winter night, I like to grab a sweet romance and curl up under a blanket with a up of cocoa.

  28. RobynL

    I have cut down on decorating for the two of us; but I love the outdoor decos at night time when the lights are on.

  29. Hey Denise!

    My fav type of read when it gets cold is definitely a steamy romance…it’s a great way to warm up 🙂

  30. Tameka Green

    I like going to church on Christmas and just watching all off old time bible stories on t.v. Plus at night I love reading my romance books. Lol