A couple of notes on the contest…

1. Remember that in order to qualify as an entry, you must leave a relevant comment on the blog and send in the correct answer. Only doing one or the other doesn’t count.

2. Entries received for an author after that author’s day have passed will not be accepted. Comments will be turned off the day after a post.

3. Only one entry per day, per household. Submitting three comments and three answers under three different names, not cool. And yes, I know it’s the same person when it’s all from the same address. =P

4. When you leave your comment, you need to make sure that you are leaving  it under a name I can very easily associate with your name and the name you are submitting your answers under. If I can’t look through the comments and easily see your comment, you won’t get credit for the comment and therefore your entry won’t count.


I had thought these things were a given, and I know everyone wants a Kindle, but we still have to be fair and honest. =)




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7 responses to “A couple of notes on the contest…

  1. Elaine R

    Whoops, my bad. I was answering, but not leaving comments.

  2. Booklover1335

    I’m so disappointed that I don’t think that some of my entries will count 😦 I didn’t even think about the comment name match the entry name (tiny little whimpers).

  3. Marie tr

    I’ve been leaving comments under my initals of mtr, so will they still count?

  4. uh oh! I didn’t realize that I had to enter and comment day of. I think I left a comment for the first one the day after. And I just entered for Day 4 today. 😦 oops! I’ll be better in the future.

  5. s7anna

    I posted this on your “Coming Soon” tab on November 19, 2009 at 10:23 am

    I just noticed something…for the last four posts for your giveaway…my name showed up different on a couple of them…some of them say Anna Shah Hoque and others say s7anna. I’m not sure how that’s happening and I assure you it’s not intentional. Would you please let me know what to do so that I don’t get into trouble with you? I really really want to remain a part of the contest and don’t want to get disqualified…

    I’m thinking perhaps it has something to do with using the form to submit my answers vs before we were just commenting…but I’m soo not sure about that…

    Please let me know…I’d really really appreciate it.


  6. Christine Kuczmynda

    I can’t leave comments on the older blog entries? I’ve tried. What do I do about that? I didn’t find out about the contest until today.

  7. tak4

    That is correct. Since there are so many chances to enter, the comments are closed the morning after that day’s post.

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