Kindle Contest day 5 = P.G. Forte

Please welcome P.G. Forte!
1. What is your favorite thing about the colder weather?


Well, first of all, part of the reason I moved to California was to avoid cold weather. So “nothing” was my initial answer. However, I do love the foggy mornings we get this time of year and the sunsets are just glorious. If I had a fireplace, curling up in front of it with a good book and a glass of mulled wine might be one of my favorite things but, as it is, I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with smelling the smoke from other people’s fires. Luckily, I can still have the books…and the wine.

2. What kind of books do you like to curl up with on a cold day?
I love re-visiting old favorites, especially books with holiday themes or even some stories I read as a child. Anything that will leave me with a warm, cozy feeling and make me glad I’m inside and out of the…um, fog.  
3. What is your favorite holiday food?
Oh, that’s hard. How can I just pick one? I suppose, my personal favorite is a holiday version of rice pudding that I’ve gotten in the habit of making with cardamom and crystallized ginger. But mince pie and plum pudding are nice as well. Oh, and Struffoli—it’s just not Christmas without that!
4. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Probably the music. I love finding new holiday songs and new versions of old songs. I confess to being a little odd in my listening habits. One year, I fixated on ‘O, Holy Night’. I can’t even tell you how many different renditions of that song I looped together and played over and over again. The year before last, it was all Irish/Celtic music. Last year, it was music from the fifties and sixties…okay, and the seventies. This year, it’s contemporary—Melissa Etheridge, Relient K, A Fine Frenzy, Sheryl Crow.
5. Be honest, how much do you decorate for the holidays?
Hardly at all in the last five years. We didn’t have a lot of room and anything beyond a few strings of lights, a tree and some candles was overkill. Which made the music even more important.  This year, we’re in a bigger space so…we’ll see.
Scavenger Hunt Question:
In P.G.’s story, In the Dark, what singer-songwriter prompted Suzanne (aka Desert Rose) to go to San Francisco?
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29 responses to “Kindle Contest day 5 = P.G. Forte

  1. oh how sad that she doesn’t love cold weather and that she doesn’t decorate for the holidays! Thats’ what the holiday season is all about! I hope she decorates this year!

  2. Phyllis

    I love the idea of fixating on one certain song each year and playing all different versions of it!

  3. I have to admit I am a total Christmas music lover! I can’t wait until Thanksgiving when a couple of the local radio station will start playing Christmas music all the time….I break out the CD’s and it really sets the mood of the season for me. And like you it seems like each year I have a new favorite despite none of them being “new”. I think I could still be in the holiday spirit without all of the decorations as long as I have the music.

  4. Christine

    I understand not having the space to decorate like you’d like to. I love Christmas, and the big decorations and big tree. I always had them when I lived at home with my parents. But when I moved out on my own, into my own two bedroom place I just didn’t have the space to go crazy like we used to. I had to settle for a little tree and lots of lights. Their pretty compact and easy to store. Almost anything can be decorate with some multicolored bulbs.

  5. Mince Pies – YUMO! My favorite. I don’t just love eating them, making them is half the fun :o) Although, I am the only person in our household who loves them so when I make a batch, they are ALL mine!!!

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  7. My favorite holiday food by far is Pumpkin Pie. In fact I could do without the rest of the meal and just have Pumpkin Pie. 😀

  8. Amy S.

    I love listening to Christmas music around the holidays. My fave song is Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

  9. Sorry. I just read the previous post and I’ve messed up. I sent in entries under the name Hayley but commented under the name Jo K – although the email and IP address will be the same?
    Is that me disqualified?

  10. Oh will you share the Struffoli recipe? And I love the Christmas songs- we play them all while putting the tree up.

  11. Armenia

    I love listening to Celtic music during Christmas Holidays. Its so lilting and magical and really brings the feeling of love and family to light.

  12. Maggie Johnson

    We never used to listen to Christmas music all that much but with the boys we listen to it alot more. We will be singing All I want for Christmas is my two front Teeth as my 6 yr old has just lost What is Struffoli,I have never heard of it?

  13. Joder

    Our holiday tradition is watching A Christmas Story as many times as humanly possible. I adore Ralphie and the movie is holiday perfection.

  14. Marie tr

    I agree with not liking snow, which is why I prefer the west coast. I love listening to holiday music too old or contemporary doesn’t matter to me, it is just the feeling I get when I listen to it and remember my childhood. I have never tried mince pie or plum pudding but it sounds really good. I love re-visiting old favorites too they are like a guilty pleasure, which is why there is no more space on my bookshelf.

  15. Cathy M

    One of my favorite Christmas albums is Noel by Josh Groban. Give me goosebumps.

    Cathy MacDonald

  16. RobynL

    I don’t put up many decos any more either; I used to bake to no end but am cutting back this year; we will still enjoy Christmas as usual just with less flair.

  17. s7anna

    Hey PG,
    I can definitely relate to wanting to cosy up by a lit fireplace and drink a glass of wine…but hot weater? I’m sooo outta there…I’m like a vampire during the summer time…I come out when there’s a chance of minimum contact with the sun.

    One of my absolute must-haves for Christmas is butter pecan tarts. Of course, I love at Thanksgiving too…but that’s another story. I’m a huge fan of rice pudding…I love to add finely chopped pistachios to it to give it an added texture and of course it totally amps up the flavour. Do you use the crystallized ginger as garnish or is it a component in the actual recipe? I would love it if you posted your recipe, if not here, perhaps on your blog so that I can attempt to make it. 🙂

    As for Christmas music, meh…*shrugging my shoulders*
    I can take it or leave it when I’m home…I think it’s because I get bombarded with it no matter where I go from November on…which is really surreal to say the least…Silent Night in November just isn’t right…if you know what I mean.

    Thanks for your visit today. I had a blast reading your comments.

    Ciao Bella

  18. tom m

    At least you don’t have to shovel fog!

  19. Tracey D (bl0226)

    I think I’ll have to try rice pudding with cardamom and crystallized ginger. The combination of those 2 spices sound good.


  20. yvonne e

    When the kids were young, we listened to lots of Christmas music. Not so much anymore.

  21. Estella

    I love Christmas music. My favorite song is Silver Bells.

  22. I have to admit, I have never listened to Irish/Celtic music. I have also never had rice pudding.

    I guess I’m just the type that can’t/won’t try new things.

    Thanks for spending time with us.

    Fallon Hadley

  23. Nancy Gilliland

    I can understand not decorating for various reasons. I don’t decorate because we don’t do Christmas at my little apartment. We do Christmas eve at my mom’s and the Christmas Day at my daughter’s place. And my daghter and her family decorate enough for the whole family and thn some. So I go there and just relax. I am always looking for new christmas music-this year I’m trying to locate the cd I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Paul Byrom.

  24. chey

    I don’t like shovelling snow , but my favourite part about cold weather is NO mosquitos!

  25. Fog plus bright orange/yellow trees is one of the most beautiful sights in the world, even if the morning is chilly. I guess you don’t have orange leaves though? Or do you?

  26. Pamk

    lol a tree and some lights is all you really need. As long as I have family and friends around that is all that counts.

  27. orelukjp0

    I’ve also slowed down the last several years on decorating. I do love the Holidays but it’s so much trouble to climb latters, hang lights, decorate the yard, etc… Now I basically just decorate the tree inside and put a few things out in the house and that’s it. It still looks nice but when all the children are grown, I find no need to do extravagant anymore.

  28. Wow. I loved reading all these comments. I’ll definitely have to post some recipes on my blog over the next couple of weeks–that’s a great idea!

    And, actually, it’s almost never really hot or cold along the coast and we do have pretty fall leaves…that last right up until the magnolias start blooming, sometime around January. I know–very weird, but pretty. 😀

  29. Fedora

    When we were kids, I definitely associated certain albums with Christmas–we always played the Andrews sisters and the Williams brothers Christmas albums as we decorated the tree and through the rest of the season! I don’t think our family does the same thing now–maybe we’ll have to start some musical holiday traditions as well! And ah… the fog! 🙂 We’re in CA, too! I’m not a fan of cold, though I know what I consider cold here barely registers in other parts of the country!