Kindle Contest Day 6 = Kelly Jamieson

Please welcome Kelly Jamieson!

1. What is your favorite thing about the colder weather?

I love a beautiful winter day with freshly fallen snow sparkling in the sun and a clear blue sky,  and as long as it’s not TOO cold (living  in Canada, my comfort level for being outside for any length of time is about -10 C  which I think is about 14 F???) I love to be outside skating on the river, tobogganing with my kids, skiing or just walking the dog. If it’s much colder than that, I’ll admire from inside in front of the fireplace!

2. What kind of books do you like to curl up with on a cold day?

Of course romance, something steamy to warm me up.

3. What is your favorite holiday food?

I like to eat, and lots of holiday treats are so good, but one thing I make every year is my Grandma’s Christmas toffee, with real butter and cream and brown sugar. It is sooo good, fortunately for our arteries it’s a once-a-year treat!

4. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

We have some odd traditions that we’ve started in my family (they have to start somewhere, right?) On Christmas Eve, I make pizzas for the whole family, right from scratch, crust and all.  Then instead of milk and cookies for Santa, we leave pizza and beer. And on Boxing Day, I use the leftover turkey and make turkey fried rice. We are an Irish and Scottish family, but we like multi-cultural eating!
5. Be honest, how much do you decorate for the holidays?

I LOVE Christmas decorations! I’m ready to put the tree up right after Halloween (my husband won’t let me). I put up lots of garlands with little white lights – on both fireplaces, over the French doors, up the banister of the stairs. I decorate outside too with greenery in a big pot on the front steps and in the window boxes, wreaths with big red bows hanging in the two front windows and more lights. We have a   50 foot fir tree in front of our house and had a company come and put lights on it, and it is awesome! Our inside Christmas tree touches the ceiling and is loaded with decorations, which we have so much fun with because some of them were made by my kids when they were little, and a lot of them we buy when we travel – so we have a little Eiffel Tower from Paris, and Disney characters from Disneyland, a little Empire State Building from New York, a palm tree from Santa Barbara and on and on!
Scavenger Hunt Question:

What is the name of Kelly’s next Samhain release?

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41 responses to “Kindle Contest Day 6 = Kelly Jamieson

  1. Christmas Eve pizza! How fun!
    Although I really can’t imagine leaving pizza and beer for Santa. Hmmmm. . .

  2. Pizzas from scratch sounds so good! In my family we usually go out for dinner on Christmas Eve, but I think this year to save some cash we will stay in and start a new tradition.

  3. Hey Kelly,
    Those are great family traditions….and you are right, they have to start someplace 🙂 And that 50 ft tree….I hope you take pictures of it and share it on your website because that has to be a very festive sight!

  4. Phyllis

    My sentiments exactly about cold weather! We have the same favorite activities and the same comfort threshold. 🙂

  5. Judith Hulley

    I love my Christmas tree too
    I always treat myself to a real one & fill it full of old sentimental decorations.
    I adore the smell mmmmmm.

  6. LOL
    I bet you’re St Claus’s favorite family! (Now, if I could get my hands on an elf hat, probably I could sneak in his crew and pretend to be one of them just to get my share…?)

  7. How cool. Love the tradition. 🙂 Great questions.

  8. Maggie Johnson

    Hi Kelly,
    I do not like the cold at all..I am a
    Love your family traditions.My husband won’t let me put my tree up early tree sounds beautiful!!The only thing I do on Christmas Eve is go to my FIL’s and sneak a new pair of jammies on my boys beds from Santa…its getting harder to

  9. Awsome! I’m not the only one shivering in her Christmas Boots! I must admitt though, on the odd day it is warm enough to go out, I love the bright blue sky and sun-glistening snow covered ground, too.

    Yum, your grandmother’s toffee sounds delightful – hope you’ll be adding the recipe to the samhain blog :O)

  10. A girl after my own heart! My husband groans every Nov. 1 as he watches me drag out the Christmas tree decorations. (Luckily, he doesn’t stop me.) It’s very logical, you see. Why would you go to all that work and trouble for just a couple of weeks, right? Plus, the lights brighten things up a bit. It’s so dark in November and December.

  11. Grandma’s Chritmas Toffee sounds delicous. Don’t suppose you would want to part with the recipe?

  12. Sherry

    I’m not a cold weather person can’t stand to be to cold. I really like your traditions we don’t have very many in my family. I love to go driving around and look at peoples Christmas decorations but I don’t really like to decorate.

  13. zina lynch

    I do the same thing with my tree, most of my ornaments were made by my kids, and I have nine and then special ones we collect.

  14. Jana Thrash

    I am so excited about this contest. I am always looking for new authors to read, and I really want a Kindle for Christmas ;p. I’ve been a good girl, I promise!

    What a great way to introduce authors to audiances like me who are just branching out from their tried and true authors/publishers.

    Happy Holidays!

  15. Great Contest! I have to say the butter toffee sounds amazing. And I like the night before pizza tradition. That is something different and a very good idea for my family as well since it is just 3 of us!


  16. Amy S.

    The butter toffee sound awesome and I like the tradition of pizza for Christmas Eve and for Santa.

  17. Tia

    I love toffee. Is there anyway I could get the recipe for your Grandma’s Christmas Toffee?

  18. Cathy M

    Hi Kelly, I love driving around and looking at all the decorated houses in the neighborhood, and with your wonderful decorations, your house would definitely make my top ten favorites list.

  19. Fedora

    I love all your food-related traditions, Kelly! We’re definitely a multi-cultural food-loving family, too! I imagine Santa enjoys the departure from the ol’ standard of cookies and milk! And please add me to the list of readers who’d love your grandmother’s toffee recipe if it’s something you decide to share 🙂 Mm… the danger would be in it becoming a more-than-once-a-year tradition 😉 Stay warm!

  20. tom m

    Pizza an beer for Santa! Bet he enjoys that!

  21. Christine

    I lived up north for most of my life and only recently moved further south, though not to the south no matter what anyone says. I’m constantly amazed how easily people just stay in side or hide from the snow when its cooler. When you live where its always cold you learn how to do everything you need ot regardless of the cold.

  22. chey

    Your Christmas decorating sounds fantastic! And a 50 ft tree outside!

  23. yvonne e

    Grandma’s Christmas toffee sounds like a great tradition!

  24. Joder

    On Christmas Eve we always have soup and pizza as our meal. Comfort foods right before opening the gifts.

  25. Armenia

    I love making pizza from scratch. As soon as I learned how to make a decent dough, I was off and running. Its the best since you can start with fresh ingredients. Also, you can pair all the odd ones you’ve ever imagined.

  26. Tracey D (bl0226)

    I love the idea of leaving pizza and beer for Santa…now, I know why he hasn’t visited me for several years!

    And your decorations sound so international, too!

    Tracey D

  27. Estella

    I make homemade clam chowder for Christmas Eve dinner.

  28. It’s usually not that cold here during the winter (Florida), but I’m a big decorator too! There’s just something special about this time of year. And pizza and beer? That’s my kind of treat! 🙂

  29. Thanks for all the comments! I’m so glad to see so many familiar names and also some new ones, too!

    I will definitely have to get photos of the big Christmas tree and put them on my blog.

    Grandma’s Christmas toffee recipe is hard to share, since I got it from my aunt who told it to me like this: a little bit of salt, a knob of butter…LOL.

    My MIL still disapproves of leaving beer for Santa, but we do it anyway (nobody ever drank the milk!)

  30. Marie t r

    I agrre about reading a steamy romance to heat up. Wow a 50 ft tree! Our house only has a small plastice 4ft tree since before I was born, but I love decorating it with my family. I wish my family would be more into decorating the outside of the house, I always loved to look at other people’s lights that they would put outside.

  31. Nancy Gilliland

    I’m not a cold weather person myself. Having said that, I always wish for snow on Christmas, especially since having grandchildren. I love going to the sledding hill and watching them play for a while, then going home to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and fresh baked cookies.

  32. Kelly! Wish I could join your family for the holidays — it sounds great! Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, and I’m just waiting for Friday so I can crank up the carols.

    Skylar, bringing the 9NaughtyNovelists love.

  33. Michelle

    pizza and beer… that is totally the way to go!

  34. I live in Pennsylvania. we are ready for the snow. I feels like Christmas. We are putting the lights out Wed. night, and the tree on Monday. My daughter really loves to read. She’s 14. KD

  35. Wow! I am envious of your tree! I have always wanted one that tall! But it doesn’t often feel like Christmas in Texas!

  36. Janet H

    Kelly, I live in down south, way down. It doesn’t get very cold here or if it does, the cold doesn’t last long. It actually snowed here last year. Lasted for three days. We we all so excited. Crazy, huh?

    Love the pizza and beer for Santa! We always did brownies or cupcakes. Santa probably likes the pizza and beer much better.

  37. Sherry

    Beer and pizza for Santa! Sounds good to me! Awesome tradition. 🙂

  38. katydid2363

    Pizza and beer for Santa! Will have to try that this year!

  39. Tameka Green

    I usually eat lasagna with lost cheeses and ground beef and pork sausage stuffed in every layer. I’m such a pig on the Christmas holiday’s. Oh!! and I can’t forget the egg nog you have to have egg nog. Lol

  40. s7anna

    Hey Kelly,
    Those are some seriously rockin’ Christmas traditions. Do you have the fir tree decorated every year? By the way, hello fellow Canadian… – 10 does sound like the perfect winter temp…I wish that it would remain that way all the way through the season but we know better *sigh*.

    The turkey fried rice sounds really yummy, not to mention the pizza and beer. How did the traditions come about?

    Happy Reading

  41. Karin

    It sounds like you have some great family traditions you’ll be enjoying this holiday season. I’m really looking forward to the cold and the holidays myself.