Kindle Contest Day 7 – Angelle Trieste

Please welcome Angelle Trieste!

1. What is your favorite thing about the colder weather?

Wow, this is pretty tough because I don’t like the cold in general. I’d have to say eating delicious oysters and blowfish. Oh, and eating Christmas cake. It’s a very traditional thing to do on Christmas in Japan. Since I love cake, I’ve adopted the custom. *grin*

2. What kind of books do you like to curl up with on a cold day?

I love books that have tropical settings. They transport me to a lovely location full of sun and breeze.

3. What is your favorite holiday food?

I didn’t grow up in traditional Americana, so my favorite food isn’t familiar to most of you. 🙂 I adore rice cake soup, which everyone in Korea eats on New Year’s Dat. My mom makes it every year, and if I happen to be in the States, I never refuse a big bowl of it. It’s fairly mild soup made with beef broth, beef, white rice cake medallions (unflavored), eggs, crumbled roasted dry seaweed and so on.

4. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Hero Material and I usually take a short day trip to Shimonoseki to sample blowfish. The place is famous for the delicacy…which is notorious for its deadliness. (Actually, it’s safe to eat so long as it’s prepared by a professional chef. I’m still alive, aren’t I? *wink*) You can get the fish thinly sliced into sashimi or turned into nigiri sushi. If you buy a lunch set, you can also get blowfish soup, friend blowfish and blowfish porridge with egg.

5. Be honest, how much to you decorate for the holidays?

Zero. I’m too lazy to even shop for decorations, much less put them up.

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42 responses to “Kindle Contest Day 7 – Angelle Trieste

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  3. Wow! Thank you for sharing your about your holiday traditions. I would love to know what the Christmas cake is like in Japan…does it compare to what we think of as cake in the US?

  4. I am with you Angelle! I am not one for decorations either. I love the winters, especially here in New England, but I would rather go out and look at someone else’s lights instead

  5. Phyllis

    I am going to miss a few days of the contest, because of Thanksgiving travels. 😦

    I would be interested in knowing what Angelle’s “2.5 languages” are. 🙂

  6. Books with tropical settings on a cold winter’s day?!? I guess it’s all about the fantasy, but still, I just think it would make me sad.

  7. Wow Angelle,
    I’ve never eaten blowfish before, but it is an obvious favorite of yours:) I don’t know that I’ve ever even gotten the chance to try it.

  8. Judith Hulley

    I love the idea of mixed cultures in Holidays.
    We have a strong German element in our family
    so our Christmas starts on Christmas Eve with a special meal, we usually vote every year for the menu!
    and then we sit around the tree and open our presents to each other.
    On Christmas Morning my daughter finds her Stocking at the end of her bed and that gives us a little more time to sleep, cunning plan!
    When we all surface for coffee we sit around and open the rest of our Christmas gifts and then it is time to prepare and eat the large traditional Christmas lunch.
    My daughter likes Christmas this way also because she says it spreads out the celebration over a longer time frame.

  9. This year we are going to go to spend Christmas with my husband in Georgia, he just got back from Iraq and is going to be stationed there while we stay in RI. He’s been a geo bachelor for 2 years so we’re going to Disney World and maybe others for the holidays so I’m not decorating at all this year. Say hello to Hero Material.. I like that name.

  10. Amy S.

    It’s great seeing all the authors holiday traditions. I love the idea of Christmas cake.

  11. Hey hon!
    You are to lazy to decorate? LoL, me too! But I have so many things my mom sends me each year so I put them somewhere otherwise she would lynch me.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Susi M.

  12. I love putting up the decorations! It’s taking them down and repacking them that is the pain. We always seem to acquire more somehow. lol We start our Christmas off on Christmas eve. My folks started a tradition that the kids get a new pajama set- to take pictures in. That is the one gift that we open then. Less embarrassing than taking pictures in your ratty old PJs!

  13. fallonhadley

    I don’t do much decoration myself. I suck at making everything look good.

    My husband usually sets everything up. He makes a much better wife than I do. LOL!

  14. Thanks for sharing how the season is different for you. I love oysters, too, sometimes in the dressing. But I also HAVE TO fix the holiday meal. I didn’t start cooking them until several years ago so now I treasure the holiday cooking process and the leftovers!

  15. s7anna

    Hey Angella,
    I am loving the idea of cake on Christmas…I’m big on cake and that’s a pretty cool tradition. I don’t know about the blowfish though, definitely not brave enough to try that out. Remember Homer’s experience with blowfish on The Simpsons. I just know that I’ll end up in the hospital with my luck 😛

    Happy Reading

  16. Crystal B.

    Great answers. I like to read books set in a tropical setting too.

  17. yvonne e

    It is so interesting to hear about multicultural Christmas traditions.

  18. tom m

    I only do the outside decorations at my place. Any luck and it’s not too cold!

  19. Christine Kuczmynda

    Wow, I’ve never tried blowfish. I don’t think I’d want to. However, I do like all kinds of seafood so I’d probably like it.
    It sure is interesting to hear about different peoples likes and dislikes.

  20. Fedora

    I have to say that left to my own devices, I’d definitely be subscribing to your level of decorating! I could be spending that time/energy on books and reading!! 😉 As for fugu, we haven’t tried it yet (don’t think we can in the States!), but we’d love to do more traveling in Asia and enjoy the food there in its native state!

    And hooray for Christmas cake!

  21. Sherry

    I hate decorating too! I’m always happy when its done but I feel like its just another chore that needs to be done. Guess I’m a scrooge.

  22. chey

    I like books with tropical settings too. Especially when it’s cold outside!

  23. Joder

    There is actually nothing about the cold weather I like. I live in the midwest so the winter seems to go on forever.

  24. Cathy M

    Hi Angelle, your rice cake soup sounds delicious, and makes me wonder if any of my local restaurants serves it.

  25. Marie t r

    Wow I’ve never had blowfish before! Although I do want to try rice cake soup it sounds delicious. I know what you mean about being lazy I just don’t have the time or energy to look for and put up decorations. I’d love to learn japanese someday so I can read manga from there.

  26. Maggie Johnson

    The rice cake soup sounds good.Blowfish,never had it,might be brave enough to try it.I love to decorate!!
    Love hearing how people celebrate.

  27. Christine

    I love tropical settings for the books I read in January, but around Christmas winter is still new and I love to read about romantic Christmases or Winter vacations. Considering I still have four months of winter after Christmas, so theirs plenty of time for tropical destinations after December.

  28. Armenia

    Thanks for sharing your traditions. Certainly there is more diversity that is recognized here in America.

  29. Deb Diez

    Diversity was always a big thing in our family for the Holidays while growing up. Now that I’m married it’s the traditional fixings. But reading about the rice soup and the blowfish had me emailing my brother and sisters. Maybe this year, I’ll bring in some manapua, poi and poke. Thanks for the interview, it made the memories vivid.

  30. Tameka Green

    I dont’ really decorate for Christmas I just love the Christmas . Lol

  31. Tracey D (bl0226)

    I understand about decorating for Christmas. The older I get, the less I want to do it!


  32. Estella

    I love reading books set in tropical settings.

  33. Jennifer M

    I love sushi, but I’ve never tried blowfish. One of these days, I will get up the guts to do it.

  34. Lesa

    I love the idea of Christmas cake, hopefully with frosting as that is one of my favorite treats. Maybe the Japenese tradition will catch on and help overtake the fruit cake tradition, of which I have to admit I’m not overly fond. Happy holidays!

  35. Karin

    Christmas cake sounds like a fun tradition. Perhaps I should mention it to my family….

  36. Nancy Gilliland

    The Christmas tradition I miss the most is taking the kids/grandkids out to look at the lights. I don’t drive, and everyone just seems to be too busy nowadays.

  37. Tia

    I’m right with you on the cold weather and decorating front.

  38. Thanks so much for stopping by, everyone!

    I’ll be answering specific questions below:

    Amanda Makepeace said: “I would love to know what the Christmas cake is like in Japan…does it compare to what we think of as cake in the US?”

    Well. I personally think it tastes better than American cake. It’s super light, with lots of sweet whipped cream, fresh berries, etc. You can get it in any flavor you want, but I prefer berries and/or tropical fruit.

    If you ever come to Japan, you should visit several bakeries. They’re just divine. (Even if you don’t get cake…!)

    Phyllis said: “I would be interested in knowing what Angelle’s “2.5 languages” are.”

    I can speak English & Korean fluently. My Japanese is only so-so, although I can read important kanji, such as “sale”, “half-price”, “% off” and “money”. 🙂

    *kanji: Chinese characters for anyone who’s unfamiliar with the term

    Cathy M said: “Hi Angelle, your rice cake soup sounds delicious, and makes me wonder if any of my local restaurants serves it.”

    I saw one Korean restaurant serve it in San Jose, CA. I think the name was “Korea House” but I’m not 100% sure. Most Korean restaurants may not serve it because it’s such a specialty item — eaten only on January 1. It’s called “ttok goog” in Korean if you want to ask around.

    re: blowfish — I believe you can try some if you go to some very pricey sushi restaurants. I think about eighteen are licensed in the States to serve fugu. All blowfish are imported from Japan, mostly from Shimonoseki, which is where Hero Material and I go to. Do not filet the fish yourself! When prepare professionally, it’s very safe to eat. The fugu chef license process is very long and complicated in Japan.

  39. Fedora

    Ooh, thanks for the tip, Angelle! I’ll have to check on Korea House–my sister-in-law’s Korean; maybe she can give me the low-down 😀

  40. So, you’re Korean? It took me a while to connect your origins with what you’re writing. After that, I was amazed about how small the world has become.

    I think that being bilingual writer is absolutely awesome as you get all kinds of quirky ideas that come from knowing two languages well instead of just one. Do you feel this influencing your writing too?

  41. Ieva —

    Yes, it does help at times, and it does influence my writing, esp. when I’m thinking in Korean and typing out my story in English, which does happen occasionally. 🙂

  42. Hi Angelle
    Thanks so much for sharing your Christmas Traditions with us. One thing about Christmas that gets me every year, living away from my home country, is missing family and traditions that goes with that.

    Really interesting to read about Christmas in Japan – thanks!