Kindle Contest Day 14 – Deidre Knight

Please welcome Deidre!

1. What is your favorite thing about the colder weather?

That, as unlikely as it is to happen in Georgia, I can start dreaming about snow.  Watching for snow on the Weather Channel.  Hoping for snow every time there’s so much as a possibility of it! And, every now and then, I can actually get a little snow here in Madison, GA. Last year we had a record four inches!

2. What kind of books do you like to curl up with on a cold day?

I’ve never really thought about a distinction, per se, from my warmer weather reading, although I suppose there would be.  Historical romances seem especially cozy for wintry days!

3. What is your favorite holiday food?

I am all over turkey and dressing! Cornbread dressing, of course.  (Okay, now I’m hungry, too.)

4. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Driving around and looking at Christmas lights.  I grew up doing this with my mother, and now it’s a tradition I share with my children.  In our town there’s one house that has an old Chevy pickup in an open garage.  Every year the owners put Santa behind the wheel and light the truck from the inside.  No matter how many times we see this, my kids squeal and love it.  Even in the middle of the year they’ll ask, “Can we see Santa in the truck this year, Mommy??”

5. Be honest, how much do you decorate for the holidays?

****Honesty, huh? It varies. Some years I really get into the spirit of the holidays; others, depending on how hectic life feels, I delay until I finally have to just get the tree up. I’m hoping this year is one of the times when I really get into it and enjoy the decorating process! I’m also thankful to remember that last year we organized the decorations thoroughly, so that will help!

Scavenger Hunt Question

What reviewer said that Butterfly Tattoo was “a rare and different gem”?

The answer can be found on Deidre’s website.

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41 responses to “Kindle Contest Day 14 – Deidre Knight

  1. I love looking at Christmas lights! So much fun! I want to see the Chevy pickup with Santa in it!!

  2. Phyllis

    I hope you get your snow! It’s finally starting to fall here. 🙂

  3. Tia

    With the winter season you just described, I think I want to move to Georgia.

  4. I feel your pain Deidre (resident of Athens here). Tia, trust me you don’t want to move to Georgia. It may not snow in the Winter but it does rain, usually a lot, and it’s cold! We get a lot of ice, just not snow, with occasional power outages because of the freezing.

    I’d much rather have snow than freezing rain! 😀

  5. april strength

    Hope you get snow i live in florida (not chance of that here). but we do have this neighbor by my house that decorates to the hilt. last year i was told anyone who buys their has to agree to decorate (kind cool) or they can’t buy (not sure if i’d like that or not). what if you just don’t feel like? 🙂

  6. Hi Deidre,
    I love your holiday tradition. We used to drive around and look at the lights too. There is one neighborhood who goes all out and used to be the highlight of the season, but they’ve gone to charging cars to get into the development to look at all of the Christmas displays….kind of ruins the magic of it for me.
    Been wanting to read Butterfly Tattoo and after reading the reviews I am definitely going to be adding it to my wishlist.
    Have a great holiday!

  7. THanks, gang! And the funny thing is…it snowed all around me this past weekend. I mean, Louisiana, Texas, NC…NW Georgia. But nothing for me! Waaaaahhhhh. 🙂

    The Santa in truck is looking good this year! They even added colored lights to the truck grill. I promise to take a picture this year and post it somewhere. 🙂 Like…my blog.

    Hugs and thanks for the sweet comments! Deidre

  8. I”ll be coming down to Ga. hopefully to visit my husband that is stationed in King’s Bay. I’m up here in RI and we just had our first skiff of snow. I too love to go look at lights, there was a real nice neighborhood in Norfolk we used to always go to when we were stationed there.

  9. Last night we drove around to see the Christmas lights and there is one house in the neighborhood across from us that is holy Christmas extravaganza. They have every holiday covered on their lawn and roof. And being early in the season we thought they may not have everything up yet, but they did and there was a line of cars waiting to see the house.
    It’s amazing what can be down with lights and the effect it has on anyone seeing it.
    Happy Holidays

  10. Maggie Johnson

    We just got our first snow this weekend,my boys loved it!
    I don’t read to many Historicals.We go to different places every holiday except Christmas,so I get to fix all the trimmings for my family and I love it.We love to drive around and looking at Christmas lights its the one thing we do every year. I love to decorate the outside of our house but have not got to it this year but my tree is up.My boys did a good job of decorating the tree.

  11. Fedora

    LOL! Deidre, I’ll definitely be checking your blog for ol’ Santa! 😉 We’ve always enjoyed seeing everyone’s lights, too, but try to do it as a brisk walk around the neighborhood when we can. With all the raised awareness about gasoline, we feel a little guilty cruising around in the car too much.

    If any of you haven’t had the pleasure of reading Butterfly Tattoo, treat yourself this season! It’s such a beautifully memorable story–the characters are ones that linger on long after you’ve read the last words.

  12. Tamara

    OMG, I have to see the pic of the Santa–will have to haunt your blog until you post it 🙂

    Up here in the chilly north, we watch the weather channel for signs of snow too–but with a very different feeling (dread). I’d be content to get one nice snowfall on Christmas eve, have it stick for about 24 hours and then melt away.

  13. tom m

    It’s fun to go see the Christmas lights with the family!

  14. Okay, now I’ve got to get my groove on and get some pics taken of Santa in the 50’s Chevy! Maybe girls and I will drive around tonight. 🙂 Thanks for the sweet comments! D

  15. Amy S.

    We got some snow over the weekend. It wasn’t enough for school to be canceled though. 🙂

  16. yvonne e

    Santa in the 50’s chevy sounds like a great decoration! Can’t wit to see the pictures!

  17. I love looking at Christmas lights! 🙂

  18. sherry

    I love driving around looking at Christmas lights a couple of years ago this one house had their lights set up to where you put your radio on this one local station and all the lights on the house and in the yard would light up to the beat of the music cars were lined up to see it. It was awesome I would have hated to be the neighbors because the traffic was awful and it had to be hard to get through it to get home.

  19. chey

    Cornbread stuffing! What a great idea.That’s what I could stuff the turkey with and remain gluten free!

  20. OH, wow. My hubby and I just started the driving around and looking at lights tradition last year (It’s usually just me and him at Christmas). It was great fun. I’m thinking we’ll keep that one going this year again.

    Great interview. 🙂

  21. Joder

    The snow is piling up here and I already want it to go away. I’m unfortunately not one of those that cares for cold weather. How much longer until summer?

  22. Christine

    I drive around and look at the christmas lights with my mother as well. Its something we started as a tradition when I was older (when I first started coming to her house from my own). By that time gifts were far less important than spending time together. Now its a fun tradition for just the two of us and I love the idea of starting it with my children, when I have them.

  23. I love to look at the decorated houses. This started here in Germany just a few years back and now it’s getting like a competition. I love to look at the house but can’t imagine to live in one with so many lights.LOL
    Loved your answers!

  24. Kimberley C

    We Fort Worth, Texas got snow a couple of days ago – WOW..looked real pretty but didn’t last long..

    I love going out and looking at the houses decorated for the holidays- lights and statues etc. We have done this our entire 29 years of marriage, and before that it was a tradition with my parents.

    My favorite part of decorating for Christmas is when I get out my nativity collections. I have 17 different scenes from snowglobes to a 29 piece set. When these are set around my house – I know it is Christmas and my spirits lift and I am excited and comforted at the same time.
    As my neighbors light sign states:
    Jesus the reason for the season!

    God bless and keep you ( & yours) safe in the Hallow of His Hand.

    Happy Holidays

  25. Armenia

    LOL, turkey and dressing. Sometimes the side dishes are better than the turkey.

  26. Judith Hulley

    I love all the lights, also.
    I laughed out loud when you mentioned Santa behind the wheel of the Truck. What a sight!
    A tradition in our house is to buy an Angel ornament every year for the tree. Sometimes it is the simplest things that make you smile.

  27. Jane said it from

  28. Sorry, I said this in the wrong place!

  29. Crystal B.

    I love to look at the Christmas lights too. 🙂

  30. s7anna

    We finally got some snow in Ottawa last night…WOOHOO!!! I was getting kinda bummed about the weather and the lack of snow…but it’s hopefully going to turn out to be a good season. I love going around and checking out Christmas decorations as well…it’s one of the traditions my Mum & I maintain.

    Happy Holidays

  31. fallon hadley

    We love to go driving and look at Christmas lights too. However, I end up falling asleep if I’m not the one driving.

    Fallon Hadley

  32. Estella

    A tree and a few lights on the outside of the house is all the decorating I do.

  33. Joyce

    Well I know there was snow in Tenn. and Texas and a wet snow/rain sat. night in NJ.

  34. Lesa

    We have snow to share! Your Christmas light tradition is such a fun time to share with your children.

  35. Tracey D (bl0226)

    I am going through stuffing withdrawal! My mother didn’t fix any for Thanksgiving (we had a ham and fried turkery) but she promised me that she’ll stuff a big, ol’ bird for me for Christmas. Yummy, I love stuffing, especially oyster stuffing.

    Tracey D

  36. Marie t r

    I personally think you’re lucky we just had a first big snowfall of the year and I almost slipped a couple of times this morning on snow. Hmm…thinking about food makes me think about Thanksgiving I can’t believe it went by so fast I miss the mash potatoes.

  37. Cathy M

    Hi Deirdre, driving around the neighborhood looking at the Christmas lights is one of our favorite family traditions too.

  38. Jessica

    Turkey and dressing are my favorites during the holidays. I just have to talk mom into making them twice.

  39. Hi Deirdre,

    Happy Holidays! I am a cornbread dressing girl too. My mom’s of course. IF she isn’t here to make it, then I skip it!
    And I agree, the x-mas lights rock. Always so pretty!


  40. Tameka Green

    This bitter cold in New York has all my bones aching I wish I was in Jamaica. I hate going out in the cold this winter bites.

  41. Jennifer M

    We are far less likely to get snow here in the San Francisco Bay Area than you are, yet we got some last night from an unusual storm passing through. I will keep my fingers crossed that you get some also.