Kindle Contest Day 15 – Cooper Davis

Please welcome Cooper!

1. What is your favorite thing about the colder weather?

I love making comfort food—chili, stews, roasts.  That, and wearing thick, cozy socks while I write.  And I especially enjoy writing in the winter months because it’s very inspiring (as opposed to wishing you were beside the pool, not writing a book!)

2. What kind of books do you like to curl up with on a cold day?

Something compulsively readable, either a big series that I consume, book after book.  Basically, the kind of book that can take me to another realm.  Of course, too, anything romantic is always great on a cold day, and I love snuggling under the covers with a book like that.

3. What is your favorite holiday food?

I actually love making gourmet Mexican food around Christmastime! I have some great holiday recipes for homemade Mexican dishes, ones that bring out the red and green colors!

4. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Watching holiday movies like IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE or CHRISTMAS VACTION.  Never get tired of those! Sometimes, I even watch them in the summer when it’s super hot.

5. Be honest, how much do you decorate for the holidays?

I once bought light up, electronic reindeer for my front yard.  The translated Chinese directions were terrible, including something about attaching “The beth the” to part of the device. Loved those deer! But my house now doesn’t have an outdoor electrical outlet…still, as I type this, am thinking about how to remedy that so I can have yard decorations!

Scavenger Hunt Question:

What is the first and last name of the person Hunter is falling in love with in BOYS OF SUMMER?

The answer can be found on Cooper’s website.

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33 responses to “Kindle Contest Day 15 – Cooper Davis

  1. Phyllis

    Are you serious about those reindeer? Crazy! 🙂 But they sound like fun.

  2. Amy S.

    I have been enjoying all the Christmas shows that have been on. I like to watch lifetime’s shows. AMC has been having alot of Christmas movies too.

  3. Rhonda Barnes

    I love watching holiday movies, too, and particularly holiday cartoons like Rudolph and Frosty. My kids are grown now, but I have a 7 month old granddaughter to share them with now!


  4. Tamara

    Hi Cooper!

    I just lovelovelove holiday movies! We’ve already caught How the Grinch Stole Christmas, White Christmas and Christmas Vacation. Those programs (as well as the cartoons Rhonda mentioned put me in a festive mood). LOL at the directions for the light-up reindeer. I bought an MP3 player on eBay once and OMG, the user instructions…incomprehensible, LOL.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  5. We always watch a lot of movies during the holidays, but not so much the “Christmas movies,” with the exception of Rudolph. My daughter and I always watch Rudolph together. 🙂

  6. april strength

    i think everything from china comes with the same directions (because i think the same ones came with my mp3 player lol) 🙂

  7. Mexican food at Christmas time? Craziness. So interesting. . . I hope you remedy your yard decoration situation for this year!

  8. We just had gourmet Mexican for Thanksgiving. A neighbor and I decided since we had Turkey last year, why not Mexican this year, the Carne Asada was great. It’s wonderful having fun foods at different times.

  9. sherry

    I love fixing a big pot of soup or chili when its cold out. I usually have to call my brother or sister to come over and help me eat it because I live by myself and could never eat as much a I make. The Mexican food for Christmas sounds interesting to but my brother-in-law would have a stroke he’s all about traditional food.

  10. Hi Cooper!

    I read Boys of Summer and it was FANTASTIC BTW! I like how you do mexican for x-mas. I think it would be a great tradition to do that too.


  11. tom m

    Nice to hear the cold weather can be inspiring!

  12. Crystal B.

    I like making comfort food too when the weather is cold.

  13. yvonne e

    I like to cook all those comfort foods in the cold weather. Your gourmet Mexican food for Christmas sounds great! I’m going to have to look up some recipes.

  14. Jennifer M

    When I lived in El Paso, TX, my friends with a Mexican background always had a big supply of fresh, homemade tamales on hand for visitors over Xmas and New Years, so Mexican food over the holidays doesn’t seem strange to me at all.

  15. chey

    Those electronic reindeer sound cute! I always like seeing how people decorate outdoors!

  16. Maggie Johnson

    Winter is the best time to get the comfort foods going.We watch all the Christmas movies we can.Don’t really eat Mexican food.

  17. Tia

    I like the idea about having the Mexican dishes for Christmas. The vibrant colors do compliment it so well. Are the other holidays celebrated with dishes from around the world?

  18. s7anna

    Hey Cooper,
    I just read the excerpt for Boys of Summer…It sounds like an incredible story…I so want to find out what happens between Max & Cooper…they have incredible chemistry. Love it so far. I’m adding it to my wish list…I like have to have it like as soon as possible LOL.

    Winter to me is all about comfort foods. My Mum taught me how to make beef tagine and it is so da*n scrumptious with some Basmati rice or mashed potatoes. I also love thick stews with chunky pieces of meat and vegetables…or soups with stuffed tortellini. YUM! I’m also incredibly fond of beautiful desserts during the holiday season…butter pecan tarts, Christmas log cakes, puddings and flans. soo good but soo bad for my hips. *sigh*

    Happy Holidays 🙂

  19. Hello!
    You will be happy to know that I purchased all my Mexican ingredients last night. We will be having the big gourmet meal later this week! It is perfect because it’s red and green!

    @April Strenght, I feel the pain about the Chinese directions!

    @book Junkie I’m delighted that you loved BOYS! I have another book (longer) coming out in February, BOUND BY NATURE. So be on the lookout!

    Also, I don’t have a newsletter or e-group yet (I’m working on it), but I hope you guys will stop by and see my site! Send me an email if you want to be on my mailing list once I launch it!
    Big holiday greetings!
    Cooper Davis

  20. Armenia

    Hi Cooper. I’m with you on the comfort foods. Its the time of year I enjoy hefting out my crock pot and fill the home with nice smells. Its been so cold (for Texas, its cold) I made Hotter-than-heck chili and last week, turkey soup. Jeesh! I knew turkey bones were good for something. *grin*

  21. Lesa

    The raindeer story is funny. You’ll have to find a way to get some outside power. 😉 I also love cooking hot comfort food in the winter and drinking hot tea while curled up with a good book.

  22. Jessica

    I love the holiday movies and the comfort food is extremely welcome around here right now.

  23. Christine

    We have a family tradition of having Chili on Christmas eve. It seems like the perfect food for a cold snow night like Christmas eve. It just hits the spot.

  24. Joder

    The movies and the foods are the best part of the holidays imho. The cookies and cocoa and those classic Christmas movies–you can’t beat that.

  25. Fedora

    Cooper, you need one of those heavy duty indoor/outdoor extension cords! 🙂 That’ll fix your reindeer right up!

    And I’m with you on cold weather foods! We just made a big pot of split pea soup, and are looking forward to chili later this week–yum!

    Congrats on your upcoming release and on your debut with Samhain!

  26. Marie t r

    I love the movie It’s a wonderful life, it’s the first movie to do the ‘what if I had never been born’ plot. Mmmm…all that food sounds really good now I’m hungry for dinner. I’m also craving some mexican food from back home now.

  27. Cathy M

    Hi Cooper, we always watch The Christmas Story while we decorate the tree. Even after all these years, it still gets everyone laughing.

  28. fallon hadley

    I love stews and soups in the winter. My only problem is my husband is a much better cook than I am.

  29. Estella

    I love chili and stews when the weather is cold.

  30. Tracey D (bl0226)

    Speaking about yard decorations… There is a community near me that has a big block party every year to celebrate yard decorations. The first Saturday of December, several homes turn on their lights and folks from all over go to see them. Hot chocolate is served and there is loads of fun.

    Tracey D

  31. Hope you can get your reindeer outside this year 🙂 I too love wearing warm cozy socks when it’s cold outside…what time is dinner at your house because it all sounds delicious!

  32. Nancy Gilliland

    I haven’t decorated my home in years but I try to do something to my workspace every year. Since we moved to a new location, I picked up a few new decorations to make my cubicle a bit more festive.

  33. Tameka Green

    I love warm cozy pj and fluffy slippers and sipping on hot chocolate, but please don’t get me out of the cold.