The last day!

Yup, that’s right. Today is the LAST DAY of the Kindle contest. I will be gathering all of the entries and randomly picking a winner, who will be announced on Wednesday. Once I announce the winner, I’ll be sending the Kindle out to them via USPS. =)



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17 responses to “The last day!

  1. Diane Pollock

    I would love to win, I could read everywhere!

  2. Phyllis

    We have to wait until Wednesday to hear?!?

  3. tak4

    Yup, you have to wait until Wednesday. =) I have A LOT of entries to go through.

  4. Joder

    Good luck to everybody and win-or-lose, Happy Holidays!!!

  5. Sherry

    Just wanted to stop by and say I really had fun doing this and good luck to everyone else who entered.

  6. nicholandria

    It was very fun! Am keeping my fingers crossed, as I have never won anything big before! Good luck to everyone!

  7. Tameka Green

    This was such a great contest and good luck to everyone but I so hope I win. Lol

  8. jennifer mathis

    this has been fun. wish i could have been here more often

  9. Just wanted to stop by and Thank you for holding this contest, I have to say it was really fun getting to know the authors and see their website. Thanks.

  10. Judith Hulley

    I just wanted to say I have enjoyed meeting everyone and discovering all the Christmas traditions people take part in.
    It has been great fun.
    “Thank you”.

  11. april strength

    thanks so much this was a great blog /contest and happy holidays 🙂

  12. Rhonda Barnes

    Thanks for having this contest. I’ve enjoyed reading about new authors and checking out their websites. Merry Christmas!


  13. Lesa

    Thank you for such a fun contest and wonderful opportunity to learn about these great authors. 🙂

  14. Maggie Johnson

    I had a blast doing the contest! Loved hearing about how the authors celebrate and to learn more about them.

    Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  15. Tia

    Glad I stopped by to get some new things to try out this Christmas. Thanks

  16. Armenia

    Thank you, Tera, for an awesome contest. I, at least, have been introduced to some really great authors and their websites.

    Happy Holidays !!

  17. flchen1

    Tera, thank you for coordinating this–I really enjoyed the chance to “meet” so many authors and add to my TBB 🙂

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